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Working chair LAB - white AS

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  • Weight: 18.20 kg

Working chair LAB is a piece of office furniture made of polypropylene and PU. The model combines in itself unique vision, functionality and comfort.

154.62 EUR (VAT incl.)


An off-beat yet comfortable design

Working office chair LAB's design is broken-lined and at the same time practical. Its impressive appearance is a result of specifically shaped backrest with sharp lines and an interesting rear part which connects it to the seat. The LAB is higher than standard chairs which makes it perfect for people whose nature of work requires a higher seating position. You'll enjoy its comfort all day long thanks to its large seat with thick padding and wide curved backrest, providing support and comfort for your back.


Working chair LAB

Working chair LAB

Height adjustment

Working chair LAB has a base with a gas spring which allows for adjusting its height according to your needs. You just have to lift or lower the seat using the lever underneath. The maximum height of the seat from the floor is 75 cm and its lowest position measures 65cm.


Adjustable swivel rocking chair mechanism

In order for you to relax and enjoy improved comfort at work, office chair LAB is equipped with a swivel rocking chair mechanism. When you want to make use of it, pull out the lever under the seat. If you want to regulate the force needed to tilt, use the knob under the seat.



Working chair LAB

Working chair LAB
Adjustable footring

A footring has been added to the base of working office chair LAB. For improved comfort, its height can be adjusted with the help of a rotating mechanism on the inner side. Unwind it if you want to move the ring up or down, then rotate it in the opposite direction to lock it in the position of your liking.

Practical hangers

One of the first things to attract your attention in the LAB is the “bridge” at the back which connects the seat with the backrest. Its upper part is finished with hangers which are especially practical and convenient for hanging bags or clothes so you have them at hand and wouldn't need to stand up and go to the coat hanger.


Working chair LAB

Working chair LAB

A stable and reliable base

The base of working office chair LAB is made of high-quality polypropylene. Its star is finished with leg caps instead of castors, which ensures the chair is static and stable. This is a plus for anyone whose nature of work requires precision and wouldn't like to unwillingly move their chair in a random direction.


Feel the freedom of movement

Your chair allows free 360º rotation in countless revolvings. You can change its position in any desired direction. Feel the freedom and comfort of your revolving chair!


Working chair LAB

Working chair LAB
Maximum weight: up to 100 кg.

To make the most out of your chair, always choose a model according to the structure of your own body. The more your body "sinks" into the chair, the more comfortable you will feel. Remember, a chair that is too small and inappropriate for your own specifics can have a negative impact on your health. Do not make compromises!

Compact packaging and easy transportation

The product is delivered in a box, disassembled, with detailed assembly instructions. It is extremely important to keep the proper sequence order described in the instructions when assembling.


Working chair LAB


Technical information

  • Basic characteristics
  • Type:

    Working chair

  • Material:

    PU material

  • Мechanism type:

    Spring-head mechanism

  • Base type:


  • Gas lift:


  • Foot ring:


  • Functions
  • Adjustable height:


  • Adjustable tilt tension:


  • Adjustable height of the footrest:


  • Stoppers:


  • Dimensions
  • Whole height:

    111 - 121 cm

  • Width:

    45 cm

  • Depth:

    62 cm

  • Seat depth:

    47 cm

  • Seat height from the ground:

    65 - 75 cm

  • Backrest length:

    46 cm

  • Maximum weight:

    100 kg


  • Assembling instructions for working chair LAB Download
  • How to properly use your office chair Download


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