• Order and cleanliness in the office

    A clean and tidy office is essential for the fruitful workflow. Kardex-type filing cabinets are the perfect solution for document arrangement in the office. The special compartments for file folders, binders and other important documents will provide quick easy access.
  • How to have a clean office

    A clean office is vital to the running of a business. It improves productivity, because all items are organized and in their rightful place. It improves creativity and focus, because workers aren’t distracted by the crumbs on their keyboard or the layer of dust on their desk.
  • Spring cleaning: 5 tips for organizing your office

    Whether you’re working at the kitchen table in your home, or you’re logging your work hours in a cubicle, staying organized can be a big challenge. The aesthetics of a messy, cluttered desk aren’t ideal for any office environment, but the real issue is the unnecessary time and energy you have to spend looking for important documents or handy office tools – and how that wasted time can affect your productivity. Here are a few tips to keep your workspace organized.
  • How to clean the office

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  • Cleaning Your Home Office: 6 Steps to a Clean Home Office

    Sitting at our desk over sustained stretches of time, we do a lot more than just “work.” We chew, sneeze, cough, touch, and spill—day after day.
  • Beat your filing cabinet into shape with a filing system workflow

    Whether your filing system has gotten away from you or it was never really under control to begin with, you can use our handy guide to beat it back into shape.
  • How to reorganize a file cabinet

    If you're like the average person, you have at least one file cabinet in your home or office, and it's probably not as organized as you would like. Even if your file drawers consist of messy piles of papers, this article can help you face the mess, clear out unnecessary clutter, and make all your paperwork easier to find.
  • 5 reasons locking file cabinets are a wise choice

    File cabinets in general are good products for organizing important documents in an office or a home. A good file cabinet keeps documents safe and makes it easy to find them when they are needed, bringing order to the chaos that piles of papers can create. Many documents in offices and homes contain sensitive information that can be damaging to companies and individuals if it falls into the wrong hands. One way to organize and protect these documents at the same time is to put them in a locking file cabinet.
  • Choosing the right locking file cabinet

    Consumers can shop for locking file cabinets once they understand the wisdom of using these devices. In order to choose the right locking file cabinet, consumers must decide which characteristics of locking file cabinets best suit their needs. Locking cabinets have different features, forms, and dimensions, and they are made from different materials. In order for customers to determine what they are looking for in file cabinets, they should be familiar with the different options that are available to them.
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