In order to meet your requirements for a quick delivery to your door or to the nearest courier company office, Bittel Ltd. successfully works with all the leading courier companies in the Bulgarian market, which offer international service too.

Bittel Ltd. undertakes to track your order after it leaves Bittel and is handed on to the courier company. The customer has the right to be informed about the location of the shipment and the time remaining until its delivery. In case of delivery delay caused by the courier company, in Bittel Ltd. we commit ourselves to inform the customer as soon as we receive a notification about any delay by the courier company. All shipments are insured for their total stated value in case of loss by the courier company, Bittel Ltd. commits to send a new shipment.

The customer receives the requested articles in suitable for transport packaging at the delivery address or the nearest office of the courier company. At the time of delivery, the consumer receives the articles with a packing slip (delivery list) with an affixed customer receipt and an invoice (in case invoice details have been provided). The cost of courier delivery services throughout the country is determined by the weight, volume and total amount of the ordered articles according to the standard delivery charges of the courier companies. All items can be examined before you pay for them.

When the product you have selected requires extreme caution while being transported or the price calculated for delivery by the courier company is too high, we will offer our own transport at a reasonable price.

Some of our products have a promotional period for free delivery all over the country which means we fully assume all transport costs. (it is in force only for the territory of Bulgaria) This is indicated in the detailed product information.

Your orders are dealt with on working days from 09:00 to 17:30 h. The orders received at weekends are processed on the first working day. For each finished order our kind staff members will contact you to discuss the most convenient and affordable option for your delivery.

Upon delivery, the customer or a third party designated by him/her are obliged to sign the accompanying documents. A third party is any person who is not the invoice recipient, but receives the delivery at the specified delivery address for them.


If the customer can not be found at the given address on the agreed delivery date and / or no access to the delivery address is provided, Bittel Ltd. is released from its obligation to deliver the items and the consumer loses their rights to the agreed order fulfilment. Upon delivery, the items should be carefully examined by the consumer or the person authorized by them. During the examination, in case externally visible defects are found, such as scratches, scuff marks and other types of damage found upon delivery, the consumer should immediately sign the protocol for damages in the presence of the courier and notify a staff member of the online sales department by phone: +359 32 27 00 30 or e-mail:

Once the shipment has been accepted by the customer without notes or observations, any and all claims regarding externally visible defects are considered unfounded; and, should not be covered as such. In case no protocol for damages is written and signed in the presence of the courier upon delivery, and/or no immediate notification is sent to our online sales department staff by phone +359 32 27 00 30 or e-mail:, the customer loses the right to make any claim against later detected externally visible defects in accordance with the sales contract.

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