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Websites use intelligent useful methods to improve and make surfing the site easier and to convert the site into a most interesting one for each visitor. One of the best known methods is the use of cookies. Therefore, it is necessary for us to collect information during your visit here by cookies.

The cookies are widely used technology, which provides the following benefits:

• easier and faster internet surfing

• secure connection to a website

• better user experience by providing a content, tailored according to your personal preferences

If you are visiting our websites and your browser settings allow cookies, we consider that you agree to the usage of cookies. Most browsers are set to allow cookies by default. However, if you do not want cookies to be stored on your computer, you can limit or disable them by changing your browser settings.

What are “cookies”?
Cookies are very small volumes of text files which are stored in the file directory of your browser after you visit a certain website. Cookies send information back to the webpage every time a user visits it again. The cookie itself does not contain or collect information except when read by the server through a web browser. The cookie will not harm your computer, and your personal data is not stored as a result of usingthe site. The information which is stored by the cookies on your computer for a limited period of time can refer to: certain user information and preferences, such as language settings, shopping cart content, specific webpages that you have visited; ads you have clicked on; the very type of the browser you are using, as well as information that you have already provided for the website (you have already allowed the use of cookies and re-entry of the same data is not required again); information that you have filled in on a certain form on our website. Thanks to these cookies during your next visit, you will not need to enter your personal details in the fields again, because they will be filled in automatically. The information provided is sometimes relates to your IP address.

What cookies we use?
We believe that it is important for you to be informed about the cookies used by our website and the purposes they are used for. The following explanation will provide detailed information about the cookies used in and through our websites and the purposes for which they are used.

Basic function cookies.
These cookies are essential to the functioning of our websites and indispensable in making your work on the site easier. You can surf without interruption, as your chosen language and country will be remembered, and certification of certain parts of the domain will be maintained.

Session cookies.
They enable you to perform important functions on the site, such as memorizing repetitive form fields within one browser session and are automatically deleted after the session has expired.

Persistent cookies.
They enable us to recognize repeat visitors to our website. By comparison to an anonymous, randomly generated identifier, we can record specific browsing information, for instance, the way you arrived at our site, the pages you viewed, the options you chose and the path you are taking through this site. Tracking this information allows us to optimize web usage as well as to correct errors and to expand the content. To analyze the web usage, the web communication and to route your internet traffic through our sites, we use Google Analytics. This analysis is known as "website metrics" or "web analytics". We do not record any personal information as part of this process.

Site improvement cookies.
These cookies allow us to optimizeour websites, gathering information about how they are used. For example, we analyze the data to determine the number of unique users reading an article (to know which materials are popular). We are also want to know where access to our content was provided, so that we know how to organize our sites for optimal user comfort. We count the number of clicks on "Like" and "Share" buttons and observe what content from our sites was shared or used as a reference.

Personalisation cookies.
These cookies help us make the content as personalized as possible, for instance, by showing you targeted banners and relevant recommendations. We evaluate the types of reference that were used to arrive at our sites, such as email campaigns or a link from a referral site, so as to calculate the effectiveness of our promotions and advertising campaigns.

Online behavioural advertising cookies
This type of cookies are used to adapt the ads to each user. The purpose of these cookies is to determine what ads may be most appropriate for you, based on the web pages you view and the geographical location according to your IP address. These cookies are placed by Google Inc with our permission and each user has the right to refuse to provide this information. We use these cookies to show ads on selected third party websites.

How to disable cookies:
If you do not wish to accept cookies, they can be disabled by setting the browser you are using. Different browsers use different ways to disable cookies but they are usually in the Tools menu or Options. For more details about the options offered by your browser and setting it according to your requirements, choose "Help" or other related section of your internet browser. If you choose to opt out of cookies, it is possible not to have access to all the features of this website.

Updating our cookie policy.
This information is summarized and provided with reference to our efforts to meet the requirements of recent legislation and to ensure that we are open, honest and clear about user privacy. It is possible that we modify the present declaration, reflecting the changes in our website or the regulations related to cookies. We reserve our right, at any time and without prior notice, to change the content of the declaration and the list of cookies.

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