General terms and conditions

The price indicated on a given article is for 1 item, in EUR (Euro), VAT included and does not include the delivery costs, unless otherwise specified. If the product on the page has several modifications, the price of each of the modifications is shown. Bittel reserves its full right to change product prices on the website at any time without previous notice. In case of technical errors while publishing the site, which might make the order fulfilment impossible, Bittel Ltd. has the right to cancel the order. In this case, the responsibility of Bittel Ltd. is limited to the reimbursement of the amount of money paid by the consumer, if any.

On the webpage (link) for each product listed on the website, information is provided about the price, the main characteristics of the product and additional information about the type of the product, with the purpose to help consumers make an informed choice when buying a product. Bittel Ltd. is not responsible for inaccuracies in the description of the articles, which do not relate to the main characteristics of the product and does not claim to have been exhaustive in the information provided. Bittel Ltd. has the right to make changes in the published products, prices and other characteristics of the articles at any time and without previous notice; and consumers are considered informed about these changes from the date of publication. The information about some published products may not have been updated, but in all cases, consumers will be notified in case of an online order before the ordered article is delivered. Some of the information published on this site may refer to products that are not available at the moment, for which we apologize in advance.

While placing an order, customers must provide their telephone number and exact delivery address. To issue an invoice, details about the company or the national ID number for a natural person are necessary. While you are placing your purchase order on the online store, you will notice a blank comment box. In this field you can specify a convenient delivery day for you and if possible, we will comply with your delivery preferences, you will be notified promptly by our staff.

When registering or placing an order online, users can subscribe to receive e-mail notifications about products and promotions by checking the option "I would like to subscribe to your newsletter and receive notifications about the latest products and promotions on your website."

All products from the FURNITURE category are dispatched with detailed installation instructions and can be assembled by the users themselves. In case customers have difficulties and want the installation to be performed by a team of "Bittel" Ltd., they should express their wish and pay an extra fee for the service, whose price may vary depending on the product. Installation service is provided only within the territory of Bulgaria after prior arrangement and under specific conditions.

Cookies and remarketing.
While viewing, advertising cookies will be added to your browser so that we get to know better what you are interested in. The technology that is used does not collect personal information such as names, e-mails, addresses or phone numbers.

Any indication of a false / wrong address or phone number invalidates your order and Bittel Ltd. does not assume any obligation to deliver.

After receiving the order, an operator in Bittel Ltd. calls the indicated phone number to clarify the available quantities and models of the ordered articles and to verifythe order confirmation. Oral order confirmation is required.

All pictures of the products are exemplary. Please,keep in mind that deviations or inconsistencies between the actual colors of the different types of fabrics/decors are acceptable with those on the screen of your own device.

Bittel Ltd. is not responsible for the depletion of quantities of certain items, certain sizes and colors. In the event that the desired item can not be provided, you will be informed over the phone and possibly offered an alternative item.

These Terms and Conditions may be updated at any time without the need for special notification to users. Bittel Ltd. is not responsible in the event that consumers have not met with the subsequent updates for the terms and conditions published on the site.

Bittel Ltd. coordinates are:

Bulgaria, 4000 Plovdiv,
Trakia-Industrial Zone,
13 "Nestor Abadjiev" str.
Tel: +359 32 27 00 27

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