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     • Vision

The company is striving for its growth not only on the Bulgarian, but also on the European markets. That is why Bittel’s vision of achieving its goals and mission aims mainly at bringing together and uniting the team and its gradual strengthening into a stable nucleus which acts in unison with the purposes and principles of the company.

Our vision

High quality, innovative technology systems and equipment, and staff’s professional attitude are of paramount importance for Bittel’s evolution and improvement. In the company, small details are an essential part of the overall service, so each unit is maximally optimized and operates in full harmony with the others.


     • Values

The main factor for the development of the company is the team. What distinguishes Bittel is that it uses an individual approach towards each one of the employees in the company. The human resource is essential for the workflow, but much more important are human relationships built on the principle of teamwork, mutual respect, tolerance and support.

Bittel team – Central office

The people working for Bittel are responsible, loyal and honest; they are confident about their competence and have enough energy and motivation to achieve the company goals and mission. Because success is not only measured in turnover and profit, but also in the stability of the established relationships with the employees and contracting parties. The correct and respectful attitude of the management team towards each employee is a result of earning mutual trust, providing freedom of action and responsible performance of the working duties.


Bittel’s team outside office hours

The annual teambuilding activities that Bittel organizes for its employees contribute largely to unite the team and improve the communication among the people in the company.


Extreme adventures unite the team

The events which take place in different locations, contribute to the better organization of the work process as employees are calm, active and motivated. Bittel’s attitude towards every person in the company is full of care, trust and respect, because a good team is the core of any thriving company such as Bittel.


Family activities and games

Bittel cares not only about its employees but also about their families, by organizing events for them and the children as well. Such events are an expression of trust and respect; they not only unite the members of each family but also help participants get to know each other.


Unforgettable Christmas celebrations together

The Christmas parties that Bittel organizes for its employees are memorable and full of positive joyful emotions.


Shared emotions with famous Bulgarian artists

Celebrating and sharing such events brings the company team together and turns it into Bittel’s big family.


An open-minded decision-making process

Each employee’s opinion is seriously taken into consideration when making decisions. Methods like brainstorming and collective talks are used on a daily basis by the employees. Thus, the company analyses possible alternatives and makes an optimal collective decision. Employees’ feedback is essential for the overall development of the company. That is why each one of them is free to suggest ideas and recommendations about improving the work environment and process.


     • Environment

The work environment in Bittel is arranged according to the modern trends in interior design and principles of teamwork and teambuilding.

Creative work environment

Everyone is provided with own spacious spot equipped with a big desk and a comfortable office chair. A good work environment provides serenity and creativeness for the work process.


Equality and unity

Team play is encouraged whenever it is possible. Each teambuilding is specially planned with the aim to unite and encourage Bittel team.


Cooperation and shared vision

Team members cooperate in the execution of a given activity. Bittel employees participate together in the different processes aimed at achieving the company business goals and development.


Tolerance and respect towards team members

Basic principles in the discussion of a proposal or a solution are tolerance and respect for team members. Each employee is entitled to present their proposal, decision, opinion and be heard with the necessary patience and respect. Different ideas and solutions are not condemned or criticized, but seen as different, abstract points of view. Decisions are taken because of their appropriateness to match Bittel’s objectives.



Each staff member in the company has the necessary qualification and competence in the appointed field. This creates a confident, professional and responsible attitude towards the job duties.


Motivation and drive

Motivation is the driving force to achieve company goals. It involves behavioural targeting and requires receiving of a prompt direct connection between the targeted actions and the results achieved. Motivation stimulates each one of the employees in their efforts to achieve the desired objectives. Bittel team strives to establish and improve an individual stable business model to be developed in the long term. The company encourages new opportunities and innovative approaches.


Activity and creativity

The expertise of each one of the team members in different areas is used to implement creative ideas and goals. The team members’ activity is a result of their personal motivation and responsibility.


Flexibility and appropriateness

Dynamic market environment requires rapid adaptability to changes. Each member of Bittel’s staff has the freedom and responsibility to make the necessary appropriate changes or actions when different circumstances or extreme conditions occur. Employees’ actions are in accordance with the mission and goals of the company.



Bittel is a company which applies contemporary methods of people management. Each employee has the right of freedom of action, which extends according to their functions and obligations. However, everyone’s responsibility comes hand in hand with their rights – a responsibility not only for one’s mistakes but also for one’s successful achievements.


Information and feedback

Employees have access to information about the company, which they keep and use only and exclusively to achieve the company’s goals. Good communication and feedback among the different levels and departments contribute to the efficiency of the whole team.


Clients and partners

One of the qualitative indicators of success and prosperity for the company are the established stable relations with clients and partners.


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  4. Dewalt
  5. Mitsubishi Heavy
  6. Xiaomi
  7. Motorola
  8. Yuneec
  9. AUX
  10. Fibaro
  11. Carmen
  12. Cobra
  13. Daikin
  14. General
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