Bittel's core group


Биттел екип

We, in Bittel, believe that the team is the driving force in the development of a company. People are not only employees here but the most valuable asset for achieving our company’s mission and goals. It is our main priority to make people who work for Bittel feel well, make them feel at home in their work place because this is the only way we can provide high level of service. As we see it, success is not measured only by the turnover and profit we make, but also by the stable relationships we build with our team members and partners.


Longtime experts and young cadre with great potential


Биттел екип

Since 2000, Bittel's team has been constantly growing. Today, over 70 people from Sofia, Plovdiv and Varna are working for the company. We take pride in having some of them with us since the very beginning and being able to count on their expertise and professional skills they have proven over the years. As a result of our ceaseless growing, our team needs to be expanded. We are delighted that over the years Bittel has been able to recruit young cadre of personnel with great potential to be trained by our skilled specialists.


Unlimited possibilities for professional development


Екип Биттел

What distinguishes us is that we value each employee and have an individual approach towards them. Professional qualification and proficiency are essential for us and we are willing to invest in anyone who wants to improve their skills, providing them with additional training. We give equal chance, growth and development opportunities to each employee.


Respect and tolerance


Екип Биттел

As we in Bittel see it, team spirit and trust are the main pillars to support working process and they are built by means of tolerance and respect between members of the team. In our discussions about a solution or a decision to make, each one of our employees is entitled to expressing their opinions and taken into consideration with the respect and patience they deserve. Uncommon ideas will not be judged or criticized but taken as a different, abstract point of view.


Comfortable and modern environment


Екип Биттел

It is of paramount importance for us to ensure calm and comfort for our staff so that they can show their full potential and creativity. For the purpose, we offer a modern work environment in agreement with the latest trends in furniture. Each person has their own personal corner with a large ergonomic desk and a comfortable high-end office chair. The offices in the company are spacious, light and equipped with everything you might possibly need in order to work here comfortably.


Friendly atmosphere and team spirit



Екип Биттел

Bittel offers not only modern conditions for work but also a friendly atmosphere. Good relationships among our partners and members of our team are among the main priorities of the company. Team spirit and working in synergy is what helps us develop.


A united team


We, in Bittel, believe that the key to success are dedicated, motivated people, which is why every year a team building event for our team is organized with different entertainment activities, full of positive emotions and unforgettable memories. This way, we take care of keeping the team united and improving interpersonal communication.


Unforgettable celebrations


Екип Биттел

 A picture from the 2022 Christmas party

We never fail to celebrate all the big public holidays properly and always say goodbye to the old year with an unforgettable Christmas party in which the whole team from all the cities take part.


One big family


Bittel Team

 Team building, Batak 2022

Bittel is more than a workplace. It is our second home and our team is one big family travelling and having fun together outside of working hours.


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