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Bittel Ltd. invests in your security!

Secure payment with a credit card is provided by the system Verified by VISA and MasterCard Secure Code - formally accepted technology for secure online payments with VISA and MasterCard, which ensures that your card information is protected. Bittel Ltd. does not collect credit card data and we have no access to it. All the information you enter is encrypted, according to the most stringent requirements of industrial cryptographic standards that apply to online payments.

"3-D Secure" is recognized by the payment card industry data security standard (PCI DSS) for online identity protection. This is a scheme for authenticity verification in which the identity of each party involved in the transactional process is confirmed for the other party. The identity of the cardholder is confirmed through the exchange of secret information or a password by which the cardholder can uniquely identify themselves to their card issuer. Then, the card issuer confirms that identity for the vendor. Thanks to this scheme, international card organizations (ICO) stand between the transaction parties, providing linking and registration services for the partakers. Thus, the cardholder knows that he/she is conducting a transaction with a real vendor and the vendors know they are dealing with and will be paid by the actual cardholder. Hence the origin of the name "3-DSecure" - from the secure communication between the three domains: Card issuer(cardholder), ICO, Acceptor (Vendor).

What are the benefits of taking part in the 3-D Secure authentication scheme?

The 3-D secure scheme mechanism aims at protecting the cardholder from identity theft and combating payments fraud. With the availability of a secure means of identification in the online environment no one can claim to be you, even if they somehow have access to the data on your card. The registration for participation in the 3-D secure authentication schemes will give you security and also entitle you to more rights to dispute fraudulent transactions. If an Internet vendor from whom you buy, does not participate in the 3-D Secure authentication scheme, they will not be able to verify your identity; therefore, they could not prove that it was you who made the transaction. This will protect you from irregular/ill-intentioned attempts at attributing transactions to your name.


Important: Before you pay for your order by credit / debit card, first you need to contact us on: +359 32 270 030, by e-mail: or by visiting any of our stores. This is necessary so as to give you the following information about the products you have chosen:

• If they are available

• If not, when they will be available

• When and how they will be delivered

• Information about the whole purchasing process

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