Claims and Returns


Claims for missing or obviously defective items can be made upon delivery by the customer. Otherwise, the items are considered accepted. In case of timely, accurate and reasonable claim for defects, Bittel Ltd. takes the actions required under the current legislation; and the transport costs for item returns are assumed by Bittel LTD.

Claims for faulty goods which were impossible to detect at the time of delivery may be made within the deadlines in accordance with the Bulgarian legislation. In case of a claim, the customer must present an oral report on + 357 32 27 00 30 or send a written one to our e-mail address:


When making a claim, the customer must attach the documentation on which the claim is based:

• receipt or invoice

• photos

• other documents demonstrating non-conformity of goods with the contract

As a result of the claim, Bittel LTD registers and takes appropriate actions under the current legislation. If the customer does not make a claim in the legal time limits, Bittel Ltd. considers this acceptance of goods.

Claims for goods with commercial warranty shall be satisfied in accordance with their warranty terms and conditions. Warranty for the products purchased on is their receipt and invoice (in case you have indicated that you request an invoice), which you will receive as accompanying documentation with each order.

Returns and refunds:

As a consumer, and within 14 days of the delivery date, you have the right to cancel your order and return the item(s) without any compensation or default and without having to name a specific reason. In this case Bittel Ltd. has no obligation to provide transportation of the goods back from the customer. The goods must be in a preserved package in its entirety, fully equipped with the accompanying documentation, books and discs; they should neither have damaged packaging, nor missing packages; there should be no visible scratches on the surface of the products, neither missing license stickers nor components of the product. Until the moment the consumer returns the goods, the risk of accidental loss or damage of the goods is borne entirely by the customer.



Bittel Ltd. undertakes to provide the consumer with the full refund of the total purchase value of the items not later than 30 days from the date on which the consumer has exercised their right of withdrawal from the contract under the regulations of the CPA Art. 55, paragraph 6.
If you need a refund for a purchase you paid for with a credit card, it can only be done with a transaction to the same credit card used for the purchase. Other refund methods (e.g. cash or account) are not allowed.

Return address in case of a claim or order cancellation:

Bittel Ltd.
Trakia-Industrial Zone,
13 "Nestor Abadjiev" str. 
Tel.: +359 32 27 00 30

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