Professional development


Кариера в Bittel

In Bittel we offer the possibility for a professional growth in different directions not only to skilled specialists but also to young staff willing to learn and improve their skills. Over the years, many of our employees have been promoted to higher management positions and now enjoy successful careers.


Training courses to improve your qualifications


Кариера в Bittel

Each new member of our team takes an introductory training course so as to become acquainted with the working process step by step, which goes hand in hand with a warm welcome. Besides, we invest in additional training courses to improve our team members' professional qualifications and many of them are frequently sent on business trips to be trained by our partners abroad.


Correct attitude and attractive remuneration


Кариера в Bittel

Work with us and you will have the respect, correct attitude and competitive remuneration you deserve, with a possibility for promotion depending on your individual performance! Everyone has equal growth opportunities in accordance with the knowledge, skills and results they show.


Modern working environment


Кариера в Bittel

It is important for us that every member of our team, regardless of their position, feels comfortable and cared for, which is why we try to provide the best working environment together with all the means and equipment needed to optimize the working process. The offices in the company are large, cosy and with all the supplies in accordance with the latest trends in interior design with everything you might need for your comfort.


A united team


Кариера в Bittel

In Bittel we shall welcome you with a friendly and positive attitude from the very first day. If you like team work and would like to become a part of a big united crew, you are at the right place!


Team building and group entertainment



Career in Bittel

We know that, if you want people to be efficient at work, they'll also need to have fun and unwind. For this reason, each year we organize an unforgettable Christmas party, team building and other entertaining events for the team and their families.


Health care


Кариера в Bittel

For us, the key to success is the team, that's why we take care of our employees not only at their workplaces. We provide physical exams annually free of charge, and for those who like sports and active lifestyle we offer subsidized cards for the best sports/fitness clubs in the country.


Additional benefits


Кариера в Bittel

Depending on the position you occupy, you can expect different extra benefits. All employees are entitled to a guarded parking lot and discount cards for a selection of retail chain stores, and for some positions, we provide business attire and other benefits.




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