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Bittel was founded in 1997 and offers its 60 employees around the country excellent working conditions and professional development. The company provides attractive competitive remuneration that develops according to the individual performance and results. Training and development are a priority in the company. For this reason, the company conducts introductory and individual training programs according to each employee’s needs in addition to established programs for mentoring, training and development of the different departments and professional fields.


Bittel provides all the employees with the following opportunities and benefits:

Attractive remuneration

In Bittel is applied an established remuneration system, according to which every employee is remunerated depending on their position, personal qualifications and competence, as well as the qualitative and quantitative results they achieve for the company. Each position allows development both professionally and financially speaking. Bittel has an individual approach towards each employee and carefully follows the development of the whole team. The company offers its staff a flexible pay, which is determined on an individual basis depending on each employee’s contribution and based on an advanced bonus system, which is applied according to the results of the work done and Bittel’s common goals achieved.


Design your future now

The successful individual performance in Bittel is mainly determined by the results achieved in fulfilling each employee’s job duties and their professional behaviour in accordance with the corporate values. The company provides an opportunity for professional development and growth, which is determined by the overall contribution of each employee to the success of Bittel.


Good image – successful business

Bittel takes care of its team and each year provides work clothes, which are selected according to the individual tastes of each one of the employees. For the sales representatives who represent Bittel at presentations, meetings and seminars, the company provides the possibility to purchase business formal attire or suits.


Additional opportunities and benefits

Bittel provides its employees with mobile phones with phone plans included. The company provides its managers with the latest model mobile phones which are renewed every other year. Bittel cares about their employees, because the success of the company depends on each person who is part of the team.

Every employee has the opportunity to benefit from preferential conditions when buying a product of Bittel’s varied portfolio.


A united team after work

The company cares about its employees both during and after work. Programs are being developed, which aim at balancing both professional and private life, and which include different initiatives and activities for healthy lifestyle and balanced diet, teambuilding and various professional trainings, as well as activities and games for employees’ children. The annual Christmas party, which Bittel organizes, unites all the company’s workers from all over the country.


Workplace comfort

The workplaces and environment in the company are equipped with up-to-date modern technology in the field of communications, which gives employees additional benefits and opportunities.


Business trips abroad and inside the country

Bittel provides opportunities to travel on business abroad and in the country, depending on the employees’ positions, individual skills and knowledge.


Professional training

Bittel organizes and carries out various training programs related to the development of its employees’ professional skills and knowledge. The training program topics are specific and various and they are determined by the needs of the employees and the company. The applied teaching methods are the result of successful practices performed by major training organizations dealing with human resources. The various training methods are consistent with the company business goals, trainees’ specific needs and their availability. The company conducts seminars, conferences and symposia, as well as online and e-training.


Introductory training

For new employees Bittel carries out different introductory trainings which are determined depending on the specifics of the job duties and contribute to the employees’ rapid adaptation to the work process. The company often uses the successfully established practice - the new employee is trained by a more experienced colleague, who acts as a mentor to the newly recruited one during the training period.


Opportunity for competency enhancement

The company gives each one of the employees the opportunity to improve their competencies and expand their knowledge in a particular area. One of the main priorities in Bittel’s company policy is the professional and competent service. The trainings, which are carried out for the team, stimulate each employee’s personal motivation, build their self-confidence when providing information and ensure determination and perseverance in achieving company goals.


Professional and personal growth in different fields

Bittel is constantly growing in fields like telecommunications, information technology, air conditioning systems and equipment, Internet services and many others. The internal organization of the company, which includes customer service, sourcing, marketing, finance and human resources, also changes and adapts to the on-going circumstances and market conditions. We provide opportunity for professional development in various fields not only for proven experts but also for young specialists.


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