Office chair Carmen 7022-1 - pink

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Office chair Carmen 7022-1 is a cute and comfortable children’s chair made of breathable mesh. The model has a polypropylene base but no armrests, thus creating a sense of freedom.

67.49 EUR (VAT incl.)


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  • 1 2 3 4 5
  • 1 2 3 4 5
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  • 1 2 3 4 5
    Стола е прекрасен и доставката беше коректна и бърза!
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Technical information

  • Basic characteristics
  • Type:

    Office chair

  • Material:


  • Мechanism type:

    Common mechanism

  • Base type:


  • Wheels type:

    Polypropylene - suitable for soft floor coverings

  • Armrest:


  • Functions
  • Adjustable height:


  • Gas lift for adjustable height:


  • Dimensions
  • Whole height:

    82 - 94 cm

  • Width with armrests:

    41 cm

  • Depth:

    52 cm

  • Seat depth:

    43 cm

  • Seat height from the ground:

    39 - 51 cm

  • Backrest length:

    43 cm

  • Base diameter:

    54 cm

  • Maximum weight:

    70 kg

  • Warranty:

    24 months

  • Shipping package - OFFICE CHAIR 7022-1 - PINK
  • Packages quantity:

    1 pc.

  • Package dimensions (HxWxD cm):

    58 x 17.5 x 51; Weight: 7.5 kg.;


The favourite colour of every girl

Kids' chair Carmen 7022-1 will change not only your kids' furniture, but also fill the atmosphere with creativity, positive energy and harmony. Thanks to its unique broken design, your kid will be able to enjoy its comfort. The seat and backrest are ergonomic and follow the natural body curves. They are both entirely upholstered in mesh, which ensures freshness all day long. The chair's base is made of polypropylene; it is strong and weight resistant. Your kid will feel unlimited freedom because the Carmen 7022-1 does not have armrests. Kids' chair Carmen 7022-1 is the perfect way to express your love and care to your kids.

Unlimited freedom of movement

We bring to your attention kids' furniture and kids’ chairs without armrests. Their advantage is that they provide unlimited freedom of movement for one’s body and arms. Your kid will feel the comfort of his or her computer chair or desk chair, because the lack of armrests allows for the chair to be adjusted most practically and comfortably according to the rest of the kids’ furniture. Thus, this kids’ chair can be regulated to the height of the desk or the table without any armrests to touch or hit it.

Use it as you please

Your kid will be amazed by the ways he or she can use the chair. Besides for its main application as a computer chair or desk chair, your kid could also read, write, draw, create, play or just sit on it. The exceptional comfort and functionality of Carmen kids’ chairs will provoke your kid’s imagination to use the chair as they please. Being active in your childhood is essential for kids’ physical development but correct posture and an appropriate kids’ chair are even more important for the upright body position.

Freedom, mobility, comfort

Kids’ chairs Carmen are equipped with casters that give your kid unlimited freedom of movement and mobility. Its rotating mechanism will diversify the studying hours for the kid and bring joy and fun. Provide your kid with impeccable comfort because it is directly related to his/her mental development as well as his/her emotional state. By choosing kids’ chairs Carmen for your kid’s furniture, you provide your child with tranquillity, comfort and independence.

Height adjustment

Each kids’ chair of the Carmen series is equipped with adjustable height mechanism. This essential feature enables you to adjust the height of your kid's computer chair according to the desk height and also to your kid’s individual height. This setting up is crucial to creating a peaceful and healthy environment. Every parent should provide their kids with a kids’ desk chair that meets the kid’s specific needs; and thanks to the height adjustment function you will be able to create comfort for your kid, taking care of the smallest details.

Maximum load: 70 kg

Kids’ chairs Carmen are strong stable chairs, stress and weight resistant, consistent with the maximum weight for any kids’ chair. The high quality of each kids’ desk chair or computer chair guarantees your kid's comfort and peacefulness. The resistance of each chair depends directly on how it is used – wise careful usage is recommended if you want to extend its life as much as possible.

Compact packaging and easy transportation

Kids' chairs Carmen are sorted and packed in disassembled form, allowing for their easy transportation. You will find a detailed list of the constituent elements, as well as instructions for assembly and disassembly in the packing box. Anyone has the ability and skills to assemble a chair, by carefully following the instructions and the exact order in the assembly of the product.


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