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Tips on choosing your air conditioner

Room size

To start with, you had better figure out how powerful an air conditioner you will need depending on the size of the room to be heated or cooled. A right size air conditioner is essential for a good air-conditioning and low running costs. A more powerful air conditioning system uses more energy, which does not mean that you will get the necessary comfort. The capacity of an air conditioner is measured in kW - kilowatt or Btu/h – British thermal unit (the British unit for measuring energy). Take into consideration that you need 0,05 kW for a cubic meter of space in cooling mode and 0,06 kW for comfort heating. For example: for a 30-square-meter dining room with a 2.7-meter ceiling height, which equals 81 cubic meters, you will need an air conditioner with a power output of about 4,05 kW in cooling and 4,86 kW in heating mode. Of course, this method of calculation is only approximate due to the fact that there are other features of the room to be considered too, such as:

• Ceiling height
• External or internal insulation
• Glazing type
• Window frame material
• Window size
• Facing direction of the room
• Designation and intended use of the room
• Electrical appliances, giving off heat such as stoves, refrigerators, etc.
•Type of the room – bedroom, kitchen, living-room, dining room, etc.


Choosing the type of air conditioner

You have an extremely wide variety of choices for air conditioners, designed for a range of applications. Split systems are perfect for the heating and cooling of a single room in the house, and you can choose between inverter and hyper invertor systems. They consist of one indoor and one outdoor unit. If you want to heat or cool several rooms, you can choose a multi split system, which consists of one outdoor unit and multiple indoor units that can operate separately and independently. Professional systems such as cassette, channel, column, ceiling mounted air conditioners, heat pumps and others are suitable for homes, commercial, industrial or manufacturing facilities.


Noise levels

Temperature is not the only factor creating comfort. Your indoor AC unit operates at certain noise levels which are also essential for your family. We recommend taking into consideration an appropriate place to install the outdoor unit as its noise level in the operating modes can have a negative effect on you or your neighbours.


Air purification

Air conditioners do not only heat or cool your home. They also purify the air in the room. Some models are equipped with additional air ionizers which remove all kinds of germs, viruses and allergens. Other models have extras for supplying fresh air from the outdoor environment as well as regulating air humidity.


Operation under extreme conditions

Some air conditioner models can operate reliably under extreme conditions - they could operate in the heating mode at an outdoor temperature of -20ºС. Choosing such a model depends entirely on your needs, intended use and conditions under which the air conditioner is to be used.



Another feature of air conditioners is the possibility to set the exact time to start or stop their operating mode by means of the so-called timers. This extra feature improves the microclimate in your home or office even more because you can use it in the way you consider most practical for you. It is activated by setting the exact time for turning the air conditioning system on or off. Thanks to this feature you can achieve maximum comfort and reduce energy costs.


Humidity control

Some air conditioning systems offer the possibility to regulate the humidity level in the rooms. This function is extremely important and especially useful if you have breathing problems.


Energy efficiency

Energy efficiency is essential when you are choosing an air conditioner or air conditioning system. What distinguishes inverter air conditioners is that they are among the most energy-efficient products and are most effective in the heating and cooling of your home. We suggest that you inform yourself about the level of energy efficiency of your chosen air conditioner before purchasing in order to enjoy not only optimal comfort but also lower running costs.


Quality installation

Every home, house or apartment features individual characteristics that define a specific need for heating, cooling and ventilation. The extremely wide variety of air conditioning technology on the market can make your choice difficult. We suggest that you consult an established firm or a company that not only offers air conditioners and air conditioning systems, but can also give you competent advice. A proper and quality installation is also essential for the efficiency of your air conditioning and for achieving optimal thermal comfort in the room. The complete solution for conditioning your home or office depends on the following factors: quality product with a high level of energy efficiency, expertise and quality installation.

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