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Wi-Fi controller Broadlink RM 4 Pro

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Thanks to Wi-Fi controller Broadlink RM 4 Pro you can control almost all of your electric appliances in your home. It use IR and RF.

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Универсално Wi-Fi дистанционно IR + RF Broadlink RM 4 Pro

How it works?

Broadlink RM 4 Pro is a universal device with which you can control your home appliances using your smartphone or tablet from anywhere in the world. All you need is a Wi-Fi network. Once connected to it, you have remote access to control your home appliances by means of the free e-Control smartphone app. First, you have to add the devices you want to control to the application and „teach“ the Broadlink RM 4 Pro how to manage the certain device (air conditioner, TV, DVD, lighting, etc.) by cloning its remote controller. The Wi-Fi controller uses not only the infrared (IR) spectrum, but also the radio frequency (315 - 433 MHz), thus increasing the radius of action (up to 30 m) and the set of devices that you can control - lighting, sockets, switches, blinds, etc.

Easy installation

e-Control is a universal application for smartphones, tablets and the like (It works with both Apple iOS and Android). Just download the app, install it and connect it to your Wi-Fi network. Connecting Broadlink RM 4 Mini to a Wi-Fi network takes no more than 30 seconds. It supports 802.11 b / g / n standard and connection encryption WPA, WPA2, WEP and others, TP-Link, D-Link WPS.

Multiple functions

The timer is one of the functions of the RM 4 Pro, which considerably simplifies your daily life. For example, you no longer need to stay cold until the air conditioner can heat the room, just set the air conditioner to turn on before you get home from work. Another handy feature is the possibility to program the controller to perform a certain task if conditions change - for instance to turn on the air conditioner in cooling mode if it reaches a certain, previously set temperature (depending on the model).

Temperature and humidity sensor

Universal remote controller Broadlink RM 4 Pro can be used in combination with a Broadlink HTS2 sensor cable (not included in the set), which detects the temperature and humidity level in the room. With its help you can program the device to turn on the air conditioner as soon as the temperature rises and if the air in the room is dry, to activate the humidifier.

Cloud database with over 50,000 IR codes

The database contains a large number of IR codes for a wide range of home appliances from different manufacturers. It is constantly updated and offers easy setup with the push of a button.


Technical information

  • General
  • Type:

    Universal remote

  • Color:


  • Free smartphone app:


  • Compatible with:

    iOS 7.0 or Android 4.0 or above

  • Learning mode for any IR remote:


  • Technical
  • Wireless network:

    Wi-Fi / IR / RF:433MHz

  • Wi-Fi standarts:


  • Wi-Fi:

    2.4 GHz

  • Infrared frequency:


  • Infrared range:

    8 meters

  • Infrared direction:

    360 degrees

  • Manages other devices:

    Using infrared remote control or RF433MHz

  • Stanby power consumption:

    1 W

  • Operating humidity:

    85 %, non-condensing

  • Operating temperature:

    0-50 °C

  • Power supply
  • Power supply:

    5V DC

  • Dimensions
  • Dimensions:

    31 x 84 x 84 (H x W x L) in mm

  • Weight:

    150 g

  • Gigaset Elements base
  • Gigaset Elements door
  • Gigaset Elements motion
  • Base station (HUB)
  • Door / Window sensor Panasonic KX-HNS101FXW
  • Motion sensor Panasonic KX-HNS102FXW


  • User manual for Wi-Fi controller Broadlink RM 4 Pro BG Download


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