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Tips for arranging bedroom furniture

General guidelines for bedroom furniture arranging

Become the architect of your own home interior, create coziness and harmony in your own bedroom and enjoy a fruitful relaxation. Good arrangement of furniture depends mostly on the room size and your personal taste. Here we can give you some recommendations for the most convenient placement of your furniture that comply with the basic rules for harmonious arrangement.


1. Choose a place for the bed

We recommend placing the bed against a solid wall, i.e. do not place the bed in the middle of the room, because this kind of layout affects your sleep unfavourably. Your feet should not be directly in line with the door. Do not place a mirror that reflects the bed. The wall against which the bed is placed should not be a bathroom or toilet wall, because this arrangement would block the free flow of energy. We recommend that you do not sleep with your head pointing at the window.


2. Find the right balance in the room

If you have enough space in the bedroom, you can arrange it with additional furniture to bring an elegant finish as well as provide comfort and functionality. In this case, we recommend using a dresser, a storage bench or a settee, placed at the foot of the bed. If you do not have enough free space, you can use an arm chair or a stool matching the overall style of the bedroom furniture.



3. Night stands – the elegant complement to any bedroom

Functional and practical, night stands will complement your bedroom's compelling vision. They are the small accessories that add a refined luxury look to the entire bedroom furniture. Night stands contribute to the order and cleanliness in your bedroom and give you an easy quick access to your most necessary personal items.


4. A place for a chest of drawers or a dresser

A practical solution for your clothes and blankets are the chests of drawers or dressers, carefully chosen according to the size of the room and the style of the bedroom furniture. Proper arrangement depends entirely on your individual taste and idea of comfort. We recommend that you consider the number of pieces of furniture in order to avoid clutter.


5. Comfort and functionality first

Regardless of the room size and modern fashion trends in interior design, a proper arrangement of the furniture depends entirely on you, your tastes and your sense of comfort. Trust your own feelings and turn your bedroom into a place to bring you balance and harmony. Create your own comfort as you like. Use your creativity to bring a different fresh atmosphere into your bedroom!


6. A healthy balanced life

The daily choices we make define and outline the path of our lives. One of the essential choices for a healthy and balanced life consists in selecting suitable furniture and its proper arrangement. Bearing in mind the basic tips for harmonizing the energy flow at home, you provide fresh, clean and peaceful environment for yourself and your family. Thanks to the good furniture arrangement in your bedroom you will release positive energy and make sure it flows.

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