Warranty terms and conditions

Whenever goods subject to warranty service are ordered, Bittel Ltd. issues and provides the customer with a proper warranty card containing the product details, warranty period and warranty terms and conditions. In the warranty card you will find the authorized service centers for the respective product type and brand. The warranty period for each product shall commence from the date of dispatch.

Repairs during the warranty period shall be made only upon presentation of an invoice (receipt) and a warranty card. Claims and returns of the purchased through the online store goods are carried out under the rules of the Consumer Protection Act and in accordance with the terms and conditions of their commercial warranty.

The consumer is not entitled to and loses his/her warranty rights in the following cases:

• In case of a lost purchase document (receipt or invoice)

• lost warranty card

• In case of an attempt to repair or fix a malfunction by unauthorized service center

• damages caused by unintended use

• violation of the physical integrity of the product

• chemical burns, electrical burns or other damages caused by unintended use of the product

• the warranty does not cover damages caused by: moisture, flood, fire, collapse or natural disasters. It does not cover defects caused as a result of: rupture, scratching, tearing, smudging, breaking, burning and other actions related to the improper use of the articles.

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