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Solar system Nippon NPS 160

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Solar system Nippon NPS 160 is a set non-pressure (opened) solar system for domestic hot water.

454.03 EUR (VAT incl.)


Non-pressure Solar Systems

This type Nippon solar systems are based on a highly effective method for direct heating of the water by the Sun through heat interchange. The system functions through vacuum pipes coated with highly effective coating, which absorbs 95% of the solar energy. With these types of products, there is no need for additional pump and vacuum pipes for the circulation of the water between the solar collector and the water tank. For the normal functioning of the system and provision of enough pressure of the hot water in the mixing tap there has to be over three meters displacement between it and the water tank. The pressure depends on the resistance in the pipes and their size /we recommend wider ones for the hot water/, the type of the mixing tap and your needs.

Water Tank

The water tank is made of stainless steel and from outside it is powder coated with a special paint, which is resistant to external influences. In order to guarantee effective storage of the hot water for longer periods of time the water tank is provided with a special layer of 50 mm polyurethane foam that has exceptional isolating properties. The capacity of the different models varies from 120 to 300 litres. With these models the solar collector and the water tank are connected in one body.

Expansion Tank

With the non-pressure Nippon solar systems the water supply is provided by an auxiliary expansion tank installed above the water tank. It also serves to take in the additional amount of water formed in consequence of the thermal expansion. The operating temperature range is between 0°С and 100°С.

Vacuum Pipes – Aesthetic Design and High Efficiency

The heating pipes are open vacuum pipes, which absorb the solar rays converting the solar energy into heat thus the cold water in them gets warm. When the water in the pipes is warm the density of the hot water will decrease and it will climb into the top part of the water tank. Meanwhile the cold water will relocate down the pipe because of its bigger density. The hot water will circulate constantly until its temperature gets equal with the one of the water in the vacuum pipe. The vacuum pipes of the collector have minimum 15 years of efficiency and resist hailstorms with measure of the hailstones of up to of 25 mm.

Metal Construction

The construction is made of 1.2 mm thick galvanized steel which is powder coated and is adjusted for installation on a flat roof as it provides 45 degrees grade of the pipes. When assembled correctly it provides optimal lighting of the vacuum pipes and heating of the water. It is exceptionally easy to assemble and install. The surface is resilient in rough weather conditions and guarantees long life.

Heater (optional)

In cases when additional water heating is needed an electrical 1500 W heater is added provided with a built-in thermal protection.

Computer Control Navigation (optional)

In order to achieve maximum comfort and safety there is a computer navigation system provided alongside with the Nippon solar system set, which allows full control over your solar system. By the means of it you can watch and control the level and the temperature of water. One of the control options which is of exceptional importance is that you can switch on and off the additional heater at different hours of the day or when the temperature of the water is under certain degrees which provides hot water at any time notwithstanding the weather conditions.


Technical information
  • Basic characteristics
  • System type:

    Non-pressure (opened)

  • Stand:

    Galvanized steel , Powder coated

  • Expansion tank:


  • Water tank insulation:

    55 mm polyurethane foam

  • Water tank
  • Water tank:

    Stainless steel

  • Water tank volume:

    160 liters

  • Keeps the temperature up to:

    72 hours

  • Absorber coating:


  • Magnesium anode against hard water:


  • Vacuum pipes
  • Number of vacuum pipes:

    16 pcs

  • Technology / Vacuum pipe material:

    Borosilicate glass 3.3

  • Vacuum pipe size:

    1800 x 58 mm

  • Filling Silikon rings:


  • Additional features
  • Electric heater:

    1.5 kW

  • Computer controlled:


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