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Inverter Air conditioner Nippon KFR 12DC ECO SMART

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Inverter air conditioner Nippon KFR 12DC Eco Smart has an innovative inverter technology and elegant design. It is exceptionally quiet and yet highly efficient.

434.09 EUR (VAT incl.) or 12x 40.52 EUR for month


Care for the environment

The new inverter air conditioner Nippon KFR 12DC ECO SMART uses the new refrigerant gas R32 which corresponds to the requirements of the F-GAS regulations aiming to reduce the environmental impact. R32 reduces the negative impact on the environment and ensures higher efficiency of the machine.

High efficiency

The Nippon inverter air conditioners are designed according to the latest European requirements for energy efficiency and eco design.

Intelligent Control

The inverter compressor is controlled by the latest class technology - 180° sinusoidal impulse which has many advantages such as more effective, reliable and quiet work in comparison to the 120° square impulse.

Comfort in the Farthest End of the Room

With the optimized fan of the indoor unit, the air flow reaches even further and ensures comfort in every corner of the room.

Heating at Low Outdoor Temperatures

The Nippon inverter air conditioners provide you with comfort during the cold winter days. Their compressors are designed to start functioning even at very low outdoor temperatures in order to ensure reliable heating of your home.

Possibility for two-sided mount

The innovative high tech design allows for the mounting of pipes and exhaust duct on the left side of the indoor unit as well as on its right side.

Multi speed fan

The air conditioner is equipped with a highly effective PG motor, which operates at different speeds – from low to turbo. You can choose from a wide range of speeds according to your own liking.


The air conditioner has a self-diagnosis function which will detect unusual activities or errors and automatically turn off the system if any. At the same time, the indoor unit display will show the error code.

'Smart defrost' mode

Whenever the external heat exchanger freezes while operating in the heating mode at a low outdoor temperature, the Nippon air conditioner will switch to smart defrost mode.

Dry mode

Dry mode removes the moisture from the room efficiently without reducing the temperature noticeably in the cooling mode.

Sleep mode

The air conditioner will automatically make the temperature go up (in the cooling mode) or down (in the heating mode) by 1 degree per hour during the first two hours and will automatically turn off after 5 hours. Sleep mode helps you maintain the most comfortable temperature and reduce running costs.


Air conditioners Nippon can be set to automatically turn on and off, at any time of the day or night.


In the cooing mode the vent swings up, cool air gets concentrated and goes up, and then slowly falls down which creates such a cooling effect as if the air flow is distributed with a shower.


In the heating mode the vent swings down, hot air gets concentrated and falls down, creating a heating effect similar to floor heating.

Ultra quiet operation

The air conditioner has technology for optimized airflow and is equipped with a turbine with a large diameter and a high effective PG motor. All these features make it possible for the indoor unit to distribute the air better and the airflow noise to stay below 21 decibels, which provides a comfortable, calm environment for sleep.

Innovative air flow vent

The innovative design of the air flow vent will improve the atmosphere in your home. Nippon offers you uniquely designed vents, thanks to which you will experience the comfort of precisely balanced atmosphere around the clock.

Operation at low outdoor temperatures (in the heating mode)

The uniquely designed external heat exchanger and innovative compressor allow for a comfortable heating at outdoor temperatures of up to -15 °C.

Anti-cold air function (only in the heating mode)

When you turn the heating mode on, the indoor unit automatically starts working at the lowest speed until gradually reaching the set level. This function avoids cold airstream at the beginning of operation which might cause discomfort.

System for low noise airflow

Without reducing the volume and sensible capacity of the air flow, the large diameter fan with its uniquely designed blades can reduce the noise of the airflow.

Работа в “турбо режим”

Когато климатикът е в “турбо режим”, той ще увеличи капацитета на полезна мощност независимо от режима, в който е поставен, за да може стаята да се охлади или стопли по-бързо.

DC inverter 180 Sine Wave

In comparison to the 120 Square Wave DC technology, the new 180 Sine Wave used in Nippon air conditioners has the following advantages: 1. A much wider range of frequency and voltage; 2. Higher energy efficiency; 3. Flawless operation and low level noise; 4. Reliability and smooth operation.

Standby mode 0.5W

Thanks to the innovative microprocessor technology, standby mode 0.5W allows the Nippon products to reduce power consumption from 4-5W to 0.5W compared to the traditional air conditioners in standby mode.

Optimized heat exchange process

In the indoor unit which uses the technology of advanced heat exchange process, the cooling effect will be improved by speeding up the flow of condensed water between the louvers. In the outdoor unit the technology improves the efficiency of heating, by accelerating the defrosting process.


Technical information
  • Basic
  • Wi-Fi:


  • Cooling capacity (Min./Nom./Max):

    0.72 / 3.58 / 4.12 kW

  • Heating capacity (Min./Nom./Max):

    0.82 / 3.69 / 4.55 kW

  • Consumption power - cooling (Min./Nom./Max):

    0.29 / 1.09 / 1.4 kW

  • Consumption power - heating (Min./Nom./Max):

    0.29 / 0.97 / 1.24 kW

  • Cooling capacity:

    12000 BTU/h

  • Heating capacity:

    13000 BTU/h

  • Seasonal efficiency SEER cooling:


  • SCOP:


  • Annual energy consumption (Cooling/Heating):

    190 / 960 kWh

  • Energy label (Cooling / Heating):

    A++ / A+

  • Operation Range (Cooling):

    14 ~ 43 °C

  • Operation Range (Heating):

    -15 ~ 30 °C

  • Suitable for rooms up to:

    22 square meters

  • Warranty:

    24 months

  • Refrigerant:


  • Power supply (Phase/Frequency/Voltage):


  • Indoor unit
  • Dimensions:

    802 x 265 x 185 H x W x L (mm)

  • Weight:

    8 kg

  • Sound Pressure - cooling (High/Nom./Low/Silent):

    26 / - / - / - dB

  • Sound Pressure - heating (High/Nom./Low/Silent):

    26 / - / - / - dB

  • Outdoor unit
  • Dimensions:

    540 x 760 x 260 H x W x L (mm)

  • Weight:

    25 kg

  • Sound Pressure - cooling (High/Nom./Low/Silent):

    52 / - / - / - dB

  • Sound Pressure - heating (High/Nom./Low/Silent):

    52 / - / - / - dB

  • Energy sticker Download
  • Remote control manual for Nippon KFR 12DC ECO SMART Download
  • Operation manual for Nippon KFR 12DC ECO SMART Download
  • Installation manual for Nippon KFR 12DC ECO SMART Download
  • Wifi control manual for Nippon KFR 12DC ECO SMART Download
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    Много добър и наистина тих климатик. Лесен за управление през мобилното приложение, с една допълнителна настройка, с която се показва температурата в помещението и функцията Mute, с което вътрешното тяло работи още по тихо
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