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Inverter air conditioner Gree U-Crown GWH12UB / K3DNA4F

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  • Weight: 14.00 kg

Inverter air conditioner Gree U-Crown GWH12UB / K3DNA4F offers you elegant design that conceals innovative technology that ensures you heating even down to -30°C.

1179.57 EUR (VAT incl.) or 12x 110.09 EUR for month


Maximum comfort

The design and structure of the Gree U-Crown GWH12UB / K3DNA4F indoor body allow the air flow to spread much better in horizontal as well as in vertical direction than other air conditioners. This gives you maximum comfort in both heating and cooling.


Максимален комфорт

Двустъпален компресор

Two-stage compressor

The two-stage compressor of Gree U-Crown GWH12UB / K3DNA4F allows maintaining the heating capacity of 100% at an outdoor temperature of -15 ° C and 80% at -20 ° C. The air flow temperature can reach 50 ° C in heating mode and 13 ° C in cooling mode.

Incredibly silent

The Gree U-Crown GWH12UB / K3DNA4F inverter air conditioner operates not only efficiently but also incredibly silently so as not to disturb the comfort and tranquility of your home. Its noise levels can be as low as 20 dB. The low sound allows you to enjoy your well-deserved rest at home to the fullest.

Невероятно тих

Йонизатор за по-чист въздух

Ionizer for cleaner air

The Gree U-Crown GWH12UB / K3DNA4F inverter air conditioner has a built-in ionizer, giving you cleaner, fresher air for your home or office. It emits negatively charged ions which have the ability to kill much of the harmful bacteria while neutralizing unpleasant odors.

Guaranteed heating at low outside temperatures

With the Gree U-Crown GWH12UB / K3DNA4F, warmth will not leave your home even on the coldest winter days. The specially designed air conditioning compressor, as well as the compressor crankcase heater and the drain pan, guarantee its faultless operation in heating mode even at -30 ° C outside temperature.

Гарантирано отопление при ниски външни температури

Ново поколение Wi-Fi управление

New generation Wi-Fi controller

The Gree U-Crown GWH12UB / K3DNA4F inverter features an integrated Wi-Fi module, thanks to which you can control it remotely wherever you are. Using the Smart Gree mobile app, you can turn the air conditioner on and off, as well as set its operating modes and temperature from your smartphone or tablet. This helps you maintain a comfortable environment and temperature at home so that you feel cosy every time you get back home from work or after a long journey.


Capacity of cooling at outdoor temperatures up to -18⁰C

In workplaces with heat-generating machinery such as server rooms, the air conditioner must be in cooling mode even at low outside temperatures so as to ensure trouble-free operation of the equipment. This is why the Gree U-Crown air conditioners have a cooling capacity of -18⁰C, thus creating the perfect climate for your business.


Възможност за охлаждане при външни температури до -18 ⁰

Дежурно отопление

8⁰C heating

With the help of this function, the air conditioner can maintain a constant temperature of 8⁰C in heating mode. In this way, your home and everything in it remains protected from frosting in case you need to be away for a longer period during the winter season.

Хоризонтален въздушен поток до 130°

Horizontal air flow up to 130°C

Possibility for horizontal distribution of the air flow up to 130 ° C.

Вертикален въздушен поток до 180°

Vertical air flow up to 180°C

Possibility for vertical distribution of the air flow up to 180 ° C.


Wi-Fi controller

The built-in Wi-Fi controller makes it possible for you to control your AC remotely by means of an app on your smartphone or tablet.



The backlight on the remote control display allows you to use it even when the room is dark.

Изсушаване на вътрешното тяло

Drying the indoor unit

After using the air conditioner in cooling or dry mode, the turbine continues running so as to dry the heat exchanger and prevent mold formation.



If you want to avoid settings being unwillingly changed by the kids, the remote control can be locked.

LED дисплей

LED display

For the convenience of the users, the LED display always shows the set temperature.

Изсушаване на въздуха

Dry mode

Dry mode can reduce humidity in the room with a minimal temperature change.

Обемен въздушен поток

Volume air flow

Volume air flow enables a better distribution of the air in the room by means of a special program for changing the position of the air conditioner fins.

I-feel мини сензор

I-feel mini sensor

The built-in sensor in the remote control gives a more accurate feedback on the room temperature for greater comfort.

Автоматичен рестарт

Automatic restart

In case of a blackout, the settings are saved and when the power is back, the operating mode and the previously set parameters are kept unchanged.

Охлаждане при -18° C

Cooling at -18°C

Guaranteed operation in cooling mode up to -18°C. Suitable for server rooms.

Отопление при -30° C

Heating at -30°C

Guaranteed operation in heating mode at -30°C outdoor temperature.

Охлаждане при +54° C

Cooling at +54°C

Guaranteed operation in cooling mode at high temperatures of up to +54°C.

Дежурно отопление

8⁰C heating

Enables 8°C heating when the room is not occupied but there is a risk of freezing.



The negative ion generator purifies the air for a healthy environment in your home.

Интелигентно подгряване

Smart heating

The electrical crankcase heater of the compressor enables a trouble-free start even at temperatures below zero.

24-часов таймер

24-hour timer

This feature allows for setting the time to turn the air conditioner on and off within 24 hours.

7 скорости на вентилатора

7-speed fan

For maximum comfort, the indoor unit fan runs at 7 speeds.


Technical information
  • Basic
  • Wi-Fi:


  • Cooling capacity (Min./Nom./Max):

    0.39 / 3.5 / 4.45 kW

  • Heating capacity (Min./Nom./Max):

    0.56 / 3.6 / 5.4 kW

  • Consumption power - cooling (Min./Nom./Max):

    0.095 / 0.92 / 1.55 kW

  • Consumption power - heating (Min./Nom./Max):

    0.1 / 0.97 / 1.68 kW

  • Seasonal efficiency SEER cooling:


  • SCOP:


  • Energy label (Cooling / Heating):

    A+++ / A++

  • Operation Range (Cooling):

    - 18 ~ 54 °C

  • Operation Range (Heating):

    - 30 ~ 24 °C

  • Suitable for rooms up to:

    22 square meters

  • Warranty:

    36 months

  • Refrigerant:


  • Power supply (Phase/Frequency/Voltage):


  • Indoor unit
  • Dimensions:

    305 x 860 x 170 H x W x L (mm)

  • Weight:

    11.5 kg

  • Sound Pressure - cooling (High/Nom./Low/Silent):

    43 / 36 / 31 / 20 dB

  • Sound Pressure - heating (High/Nom./Low/Silent):

    43 / 36 / 31 / 20 dB

  • Outdoor unit
  • Dimensions:

    596 x 899 x 378 H x W x L (mm)

  • Weight:

    44.5 kg

  • Sound Pressure - cooling (High/Nom./Low/Silent):

    - / 52 / - / - dB

  • Sound Pressure - heating (High/Nom./Low/Silent):

    - / 52 / - / - dB

  • Manual for air conditioners Gree U-Crown_bg Download
  • Brochure of Gree U-Crown Download
  • Declaration of conformity for Gree U-Crown GWH12UB / K3DNA4F Download
  • Operation manual for Gree U-Crown GWH12UB / K3DNA4F Download
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