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Gigaset DA310 - black

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Corded phone Gigaset DA310 is the standard type corded phone.

20.37 EUR (VAT incl.)


The standard corded desk phone for straightforward calling

Making and taking calls is simple with the Gigaset DA310. The 4 direct keys let you push a single button to connect to the contact of your choice. Enjoy the convenience of another 10 speed dial numbers enabling further rapid connection options.

The Gigaset DA310 gives you the choice of 3 melodies and volumes to alert you to incoming calls, or alternatively you can turn the ringer off when you want some peace and quiet. To quickly call back the last person you called, simply use the last number redial function to get in contact. If you need an easy-to-use corded desk phone, with all the basic features and more, choose the Gigaset DA310.

Simple yet flexible
While remaining straightforward to operate and offering easy installation, the Gigaset DA310 is also versatile. Pabx and PSTN compatibility allows you to either connect straight to the fixed line network, or use it as part of an internal network of phones within the home or office. The Gigaset DA310 is also wall mountable, meaning you can choose to save on valuable desk space. With a handset cable length that stretches up to two metres and a further two metres of cable from the phone to the socket you have the freedom to move around as you please.

As well as being hearing aid compatible the Gigaset DA310 allows you to prevent the caller from hearing what you are saying by pressing the mute key. The dialling method - tone or pulse  - is also adjustable, as is the flash time.

Make life easy for yourself and choose the Gigaset DA310 for your next corded desk phone.

Technical information
  • General
  • Phone type:


  • Fixed analogue lines:


  • Technical
  • Dialing mode:

    Tone / Pulse

  • Wall mountable:


  • Functions
  • List of last … missed calls with time and date:


  • Features
  • Fast dial memory buttons:


  • Mute button:


  • Sound features
  • Adjustable handset volume:


  • Ringer melodies:


  • Adjustable ringer volume:


  • Other functions
  • Answering machine
  • Power supply
  • Power type:

    Phone line

  • Dimensions
  • Operating instructions for Gigaset DA310_BG Download
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