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Recliner HERA - cream C / graphite C

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Recliner HERA is a comfortable and stylish piece of furniture with four modules. It has a bar function and one recliner mechanism.

871.25 EUR (VAT incl.)


Convenience, style and functionality with an innovative design

Corner sofa HERA with a recliner mechanism is a multifunctional and at the same time stylish decision for furnishing of any modern living room. The static chaise-longue ensures a good rest for the whole body giving you a possibility to place your legs in a horizontal position. The places of the bar module and the adjoining module are interchangeable and you can fix them according to your own preferences. The bar includes a cupboard with an elegant cover in which you can store small items and two separate racks for beverages. The end module is equipped with a recliner mechanism thanks to which by pulling a handle on the side of the sofa, the backrest leans backwards and the footrest is elevated. In this way with a single move you can quietly relax in a horizontal position. The superior fabric in two-colour harmony of graphite and cream provokes tender and pleasant feelings when touched. The silicone foam provides the required suppleness of the backrest and the armrests, while in the seats there are added pocket springs which prevent from sagging and deformations under sustained exploitation. The metal construction combined with solid wood ensures the necessary reliability and stability under load.

Sink into softness

Corner sofa Hera is exceptionally cosy, soft and comfortable. It will become your dream the moment you ensconce yourself in it. Its recliner mechanism is convenient and easy to use – just pull the handle which is located on the side of the sofa and the backrest will lean backward, while the adjustable footrest will elevate your feet, and you will be lying down comfortably. Its softness is another addition to its features. Besides its standard application, it can be used for a relaxing break as well. Thus, the corner sofa is designed to satisfy even the highest individual requirements for comfort and practicality.

The softness of the fabric

The corner sofa Hera is made from high-quality fabric, which is a perfect choice of material. The soft fabric is extremely durable over time and guarantees the practicality of the sofa. It ensures your comfort in all seasons and weather conditions. The corner sofa Hera is cleaned easily and quickly thanks to the advantages of the fabric. It stands out for its high quality, style and comfort that will turn your everyday life into an extraordinary experience.

Strength and durability

Corner sofa Hera is made of high strength steel structure combined with solid wood. These materials ensure the solidity and durability of the sofa even at high tension. Corner sofa Hera is suitable for anyone looking for luxury, comfort, quality and long life of a product.

Relax in a single move

Corner sofa Hera is equipped with a recliner mechanism that ensured its customers exceptional strength combined with extraordinary comfort. The mechanisms have already proven their quality and ensure that a product has a long life. You can activate the mechanism by pulling the handle on the side - the backrest leans backwards and the front/footrest of the sofa is elevated. In this way, with a single move, your pleasant relaxation can be turned into a calm sleep.


Technical information
  • General
  • Type of sofa:


  • Custom design:


  • Material:


  • Material construction:

    Wood / Metal

  • Filling material:

    Pocket springs , Silicone foam

  • Material seria recliners:


  • Additional features
  • Mechanism type:


  • Number of recliner functions:

    1 pcs.

  • Bar function:


  • Lounge-chaise:

    Left / right

  • Dimensions
  • Length:

    293 cm

  • Width:

    170 cm

  • Height:

    108 cm

  • Height backrest:

    58 cm

  • Seat height:

    50 cm

  • Module depth:

    56 cm

  • Chaise-lounge length:

    131 cm

  • Chaise-lounge width:

    88 cm

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    Много добра покупка! Доволен съм!
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