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President chair Carmen 6100 - brown

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President chair Carmen 6100 is massive, stable and elegant. The high backrest provides a steady support for your back and neck. The chrome base complements the sense of elegance and security.

315.98 EUR (VAT incl.) or 12x 29.49 EUR for month


Massive, stable and elegant

President chair Carmen 6100 is high-end creation of contemporary interior design, which outstands because it has been designed to support much greater tension and weight. Its extremely soft anatomical seats and backrests are further softened with fluffy filling. Fully upholstered in stylish PU leather, the Carmen 6100 has proven itself an elegant comfortable office chair that will satisfy even the smallest whim in terms of comfort. Its sturdy reinforced base is made of chrome plated material that will withstand a lot of pressure. The elegant armrests are made of chrome, which is coated in PU leather at the top. All these features place president chair Carmen 6100 at the top positions in terms of functionality, comfort and guaranteed durability. Thanks to its built-in functions and mechanisms, you will feel like the master of your own comfort.

President chair Carmen 6100

President chair Carmen 6100

Let your arms rest

Part of the secret of a comfortable chair lies in its comfortable armrests. Relax your arms on the gently curved armrests which ensure that you will avoid muscle fatigue not only in your arms, but in the whole body!

Height adjustment

Easy, convenient and quick. With just one movement you can adjust the height of the chair to the position of the surrounding pieces of furniture and to your own height. Make the best use of its height adjustment function according to your preferences and needs, and achieve maximum comfort while sitting!

Relax at any time

Just lean back and rock! It has been proved long ago that rocking calms your mind and creates a relaxed mood. Thanks to the rocking mechanism your chair is provided with, you can enjoy a peaceful rest at any time, at the workplace or at home.

A sense of stability

It is important to feel completely safe and at ease. The elegant chrome base is not only an excellent addition to the exclusive look of your chair, but also an important detail ensuring its strength and resistance.

President chair Carmen 6100

No movement limitations

Approach a colleague's desk or search for the TV remote control without getting up from your favorite chair. Why not? The casters attached to the base provide you with the much needed and desired mobility.

Feel the freedom of movement

Your chair allows free 360º rotation in countless revolvings. You can change its position in any desired direction. Feel the freedom and comfort of your revolving chair!

Maximum weight: up to 160 кg.

To make the most out of your chair, always choose a model according to the structure of your own body. The more your body "sinks" into the chair, the more comfortable you will feel. Remember, a chair that is too small and inappropriate for your own specifics can have a negative impact on your health. Do not make compromises!

Compact packaging and easy transportation

The product is delivered in a box, disassembled, with detailed assembly instructions. It is extremely important to keep the proper sequence order described in the instructions when assembling.


Technical information
  • Basic characteristics
  • Type:

    President chair

  • Material:

    PU material

  • Material series:


  • Мechanism type:

    Tilt tension

  • Base type:


  • Armrest:


  • Armrest material:

    Chrome / PU

  • Gas lift:


  • Functions
  • Adjustable height:


  • Adjustable tilt tension:


  • Dimensions
  • Whole height:

    116 - 126 cm

  • Width:

    68 cm

  • Depth:

    87 cm

  • Seat depth:

    56 cm

  • Seat height from the ground:

    54 - 64 cm

  • Backrest length:

    62 cm

  • Maximum weight:

    160 kg

  • Assembling instructions for president chair Carmen 6100_BG Download
  • How to properly use your office chair Download
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