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Metal cabinet Carmen CR-1266 L - grey

  • Code: 3580042_1
  • In stock
  • Weight: 47.00 kg

Metal cabinet Carmen CR-1266 L has two sliding metal doors and shelves with adjustable height.

182.84 EUR 181.00 EUR (VAT incl.) or 12x 16.89 EUR for month


Metal cabinet Carmen CR-1266 L

Metal cabinet Carmen CR-1266 L is a reliable stylish office piece of furniture suitable for storing documentation and other valuable belongings. The cabinet has four moveable metal shelves that are height adjustable according to the specific needs for its functionality. The two sliding doors ensure good level of protection for the objects in the cabinet and their locking mechanism prevents unauthorized access. The metal surface of cabinet CR-1266 L is powder coated and particularly resistant to wear and scratching.

Reliable locking

Metal cabinet Carmen CR-1266 L has a sufficient reliable locking mechanism to ensure the security you need to count on for your documents and belongings. Each cabinet is locked with a unique key from which you get two copies. A special color mechanism over the lock indicates whether the locker is free or occupied so that you can easily find a free locker instead of forcing the locked door.

Create the perfect configuration for the storage space in your cabinet according to your preferences

Metal cabinet Carmen CR-1266 L has reinforced shelves that you can move. Their mobility allows you to adjust the height of the compartments according to your own preferences and needs. Thus, you can use the full capacity of your filing cabinet in order to store file folders that are different in height.

Easy assembly

The modular system for the assembly makes putting the metal cabinet together extremely easy and quick. The description consists of elements and letters that you just have to join together. The assembly is turned into puzzle making, almost a child’s play - easy, quick and even fun!

Compact packaging and easy transportation

Metal cabinet Carmen CR-1266 L is delivered in a box, disassembled, with detailed assembly instructions. All elements are sorted and ready to be assembled as soon as you open the box. If necessary, you can as easily disassemble the metal cabinet, put it back into the box and transport it to its new location.


Technical information
  • General
  • Type:

    For documents

  • Material:

    Powder coated metal

  • Glass doors:


  • Solid doors:


  • Sliding doors:


  • Covering:


  • Colors:

    Light grey (RAL 7035)

  • Thickness metal:

    0.6 mm

  • Lock:


  • Shelves:

    4 pcs

  • Adjustment shelves height:


  • Max. loadability on one shelf:

    40 kg

  • Dimensions
  • Width:

    90 cm

  • Depth:

    40 cm

  • Height:

    185 cm

  • Dimensions of compartment
  • Letter hole dimensions
  • Assembling instructions for metal cabinet Carmen CR-1266 L Download
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