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Leather bed - OLIA 180 - beige pearl

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Leather bed OLIA is a luxury bed with a storage function and a gas lift. It’s suitable for mattrasses with dimensions 180 x 200 cm.

834.44 EUR 306.78 EUR (VAT incl.) or 12x 28.63 EUR for month


Luxury and comfort

Leather bed OLIA is designed for people with refined taste and sense of luxury. Its sophisticated design, which perfectly embodies comfort and practicality, provides an irresistible pleasure for your sleep and rest. You will sink into a fabulous softness as if you are lying in fluffy clouds. Its gentle curves look as if chiselled into the ambience and stylishly fit into the sleeping area. The pure leather is as soft as velvet and invites you to enjoy this irresistible comfort and elegance. With its stylish design leather bed OLIA deservedly belongs to the Carmen collection of luxury beds. It makes home furnishing become an art, while the bed itself is a real masterpiece.

Leather bed - OLIA 180

Leather bed - OLIA 180

Classic shapes

The sideboards of the OLIA leather bed are clean and stylish. Their classic rectangular shapes combined with a soft rounded headboard complete the luxurious design of the bed. They are fully upholstered in leather, which is convenient and easy to maintain. Classic shapes, luxury, comfort and style are the four components which complement the perfection of the OLIA beds.

Strength and stability

The bed base is made of metal and wood, which ensures its stability and strength. The slatted mattress frame is reinforced by metal beams on both sides so that the slats do not bend.

Tidiness and practicality

Thanks to the storage function you can keep your beddings and other belongings sorted and clean between the bed base and the mattress frame. The easy daily access is provided by two gas springs, which make the mattress easy to lift. The under bed storage is a practical solution, which contributes to a good and clean atmosphere in every home.

Softness and sound sleep

The mattresses that we offer to match the beds follow the natural anatomical forms and provide not only quality rest for the body but for also peace for the mind. They are an integral part of the comfort and luxury of the leather beds and are an excellent choice for tranquillity and repose. They are available in two sizes: 180 x 200 cm and 160 x 200 cm.

Small but important details

In addition to the luxury beds we offer matching night stands, which contribute to the overall finished look of the bedrooms. They are the small accessories that blend perfectly in the space. With their exceptional design they are a practical and comfortable addition to the beds.

The finishing touch

The beddings match and harmonize with the beds and provide the overall bedroom furniture with even greater sophistication and class. Beddings are optional; they are offered separately in a variety of different types and sizes and the soft high quality materials of which they are made, create a sense of infinite tenderness and cleanliness.


Technical information
  • General
  • Base:

    Wood / Metal

  • Material front:

    Cow leather

  • Sideboard material:

    PU material

  • Additional features
  • Bed frame:

    Strong metal bed frame

  • Storage function:


  • Gas lift function:


  • Dimensions
  • Suitable for mattress:

    180 x 200 cm

  • Length:

    240 cm

  • Width:

    202 cm

  • Height bed head:

    93 cm

  • Side height from the ground:

    32 cm

  • Assembling instructions for lift storage_bg Download
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