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Dining table Carmen Yasmin D 120 - black

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  • Weight: 23.00 kg

Dining table Carmen Yasmin D is a creative and functional choice for kitchens, dining rooms, etc. The top of the table is made of MDF and the legs of beech.

126.39 EUR (VAT incl.) or 12x 11.80 EUR for month


Delicate design

Dining table Carmen Yasmin D is a practical and stylish choice for your home or office. The tables has elegant, clean-lined legs that ensure stability and reliability. The top is made of embossed MDF with delicate wooden pattern. The cleaning and the whole maintenance of the table are quick and easy and its specific surface protects the top from scratches. The legs are made of beech. Dining table Carmen Yasmin D is a practical contemporary piece of furniture that can be combined with matching chairs to recreate your dining room.

A sense of nature

The top of the table is made of embossed MDF with delicate natural wooden pattern. It brings coziness, warmth and comfort to the room. The thick varnish protects the table from scratches. The elegant design of the model will recreate the atmosphere of the whole room.

Perfection in your dining room

If you want to achieve harmony and style in your dining room, you can add to the table matching chairs with similar wooden pattern design and embossed surface. Thus the table and the chairs will correspond in a fine and exquisite manner. For more effective appearance you can choose chairs in contrasting colors – combination of black and white.

Easy assembly

The modular system for the assembly makes putting the table together extremely easy and quick. The description is easy to understand so that you can assemble the table on your own without any difficulty.

Compact packaging and easy transportation

The table comes in a box, disassembled, with detailed assembly instructions. The legs are packed separately. All elements are sorted and ready to assemble as soon as you open the box. If necessary, in the same easy way you can disassemble the table, put it back in the box and transport it to its new location.


Technical information
  • General
  • Material:


  • Top thickness:

    20 mm

  • Surface:

    Rough , Feelwood

  • Legs material:


  • Foldable:


  • Dimensions
  • Table length :

    120 cm

  • Table width:

    80 cm

  • Table height:

    75 cm

  • Assembling instructions for dining table Carmen Yasmin D_bg Download
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