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Chair Prizma - black

  • Code: 3520862
  • In stock
  • Weight: 5.10 kg

Chair Prizma is a comfortable choice for offices, conference or seminar halls. It is made of high-quality material with stable metal construction that guarantee stability.

17.18 EUR (VAT incl.)


Universal comfort

Chair Prizma is practical and functional, made of high quality plastic and a strong metal structure. The material of which its seat and backrest are made allows for an easy maintenance and cleaning as well as a long-lasting use. Its metal structure ensures stability and its legs are provided with protection pads that prevent the flooring from damage. The chairs are lightweight, comfortable and easy to move from one place to another. The Prizma chair provides good support for the body allowing its user to sit back comfortably for hours. Its seat and backrest's shapes bring the finishing touch to the elegant appearance of the chair, which makes it appropriate for offices, break rooms, auditoriums and seminar halls or as a comfortable extra chair. Depending on its application, it can be combined with accessories like a basket or a coffee table.

Chair Prizma

Maximum weight: up to 100 кg.

Each one of the visitor chairs is characterized by maximum allowable weight. To ensure optimal comfort and long life for your dining chair, respect the maximum weight limit.


Technical information
  • Basic characteristics
  • Type:

    Visitor chair

  • Material:


  • Legs:

    Powdercoated , Metal

  • Armrest:


  • Functions
  • Dimensions
  • Whole height:

    81 cm

  • Width:

    53 cm

  • Depth:

    54 cm

  • Seat depth:

    41 cm

  • Seat height from the ground:

    48 cm

  • Backrest length:

    33 cm

  • Maximum weight:

    100 kg

  • How to properly use your office chair Download
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