Leather electric recliner sofa 2-seater COMODO LUX - black 30

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    Отличен диван, удобен, качествено изработен. Релакс механизма работи отлично и много важно - изправя краката напълно, преди да започне да накланя облегалката. Други модели го правят едновременно, което не позволява да си с вдигнати крака без да си полегнал заедно с това.
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Technical information

  • General
  • Type of sofa:

    2 seater

  • Material front part:

    Cow leather

  • Material construction:

    Wood / Metal

  • Filling material:

    High density foam

  • Additional features
  • Number of recliner functions:

    2 pcs.

  • Electric mechanism:


  • USB:


  • Dimensions
  • Length:

    175 cm

  • Width:

    91 cm

  • Height:

    100 cm

  • Shipping package - SOFA COMODO LUX 2 - BLACK 30
  • Packages quantity:

    1 pc.

  • Package dimensions (HxWxD cm):

    100 x 91 x 175; Weight: 107 kg.;


Electric mechanism for absolute relaxation

The two-seated leather sofa COMODO LUX will provide the long-awaited comfort you have dreamed for, owing to the two built-in electric relaxation mechanism – one for each seat. They can be activated by the buttons on the side and used independently of each other. The relax mechanism is activated by pressing the buttons of the sofa – pressing the front one, raises your legs and then the backrest tilts slowly back to lie down for a well-deserved rest. Therefore, with the other button you return the COMODO LUX to its standard position in just a few seconds. With the electric mechanism, the movements are extremely smooth and you choose to what extent to stretch the sofa, also, you can raise the front of the seat to the desired level, as well as tilt the backrest at different angels.

Кожен диван - двойка с електрически релакс механизъм COMODO LUX

Кожен диван - двойка с електрически релакс механизъм COMODO LUX
First-class comfort and luxury

COMODO LUX is a modern recliner model with a stylish design that creates a feeling of luxury. The combination of the electric recliner mechanism and thick, soft filling hidden under the gentle and pleasant to the touch cow leather, will make you feel an exclusive comfort. It is so comfortable that once you sit you will not want to get up. A great advantage of the electric recliner sofa over the manual one is the USB port (next to the buttons) so that you do not have to interrupt your relaxation if the battery of your smartphone or laptop runs out.

Uncompromising quality

If you are looking for a luxury furniture for your home or office, the COMODO LUX sofa is the perfect choice. It is made of first-class materials, in order to maintain comfort and stylish appearance even after long use. The construction is made of wood and metal for a maximum stability, while in the base there is a high-quality built-in recliner mechanism. Last but not least, for the upholstery of the model is used an elastic cow leather, which is resistant to wear and easy to clean.

Кожен диван - двойка с електрически релакс механизъм COMODO LUX

Кожен диван - двойка с електрически релакс механизъм COMODO LUX

Choose a color

The COMODO LUX relax furniture series is now available in several colors, which allows you to choose the most suitable one for your interior. You can choose between classic black or opt for a light gray or chocolate and create a feeling of more space.

Combine them according to your taste

The module can be used both independently or combined with other leather recliner sofas from the Carmen collection. Some of the combinations might include, for example, two armchairs and a three seater sofa; an armchair, a two seater and a three seater sofas; an armchair and a two seater sofa; an armchair and two two-seater sofas. There is a great number of different possible combinations which depend only on users’ preferences.

Кожен диван - двойка с електрически релакс механизъм COMODO LUX
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