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DANILA is a classic office chair that embodies high quality and numerous features and functions which will guarantee you ultimate comfort.

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Technical information

  • Basic characteristics
  • Type:


  • Material:


  • Мechanism type:

    Asynchro mechanism

  • Base type:


  • Armrest:


  • Armrest material:


  • Wheels type:


  • Gas lift:


  • Functions
  • Adjustable height:


  • Adjustable back angle:


  • Back-control function:


  • Seat-control function:


  • Adjustable seat depth:


  • Adjustable height of the armrests:


  • Adjustable angle of the armrests:


  • Back and forth adjustment of the armrests:


  • Adjustable height of the back:


  • Dimensions
  • Whole height:

    92 - 104 cm

  • Width:

    65 cm

  • Depth:

    58 cm

  • Depth of adjustable seat:

    46 - 51 cm

  • Seat height from the ground:

    46 - 58 cm

  • Backrest length:

    46 cm

  • Base diameter:

    64 cm

  • Maximum weight:

    100 kg

  • Warranty:

    24 months

  • Shipping package
  • Packages quantity:

    1 pc.

  • Package dimensions (HxWxD cm):

    70 x 44.5 x 58.5; Weight: 21 kg.;


An improved classic design

DANILA is a quite extraordinary and sophisticated version of a classic office chair. This is visible from its unusually large and thick seat and backrest with ergonomic shapes that are designed to fit your body in the best possible way. Add its wide variety of extra functions to this and ergonomic chair DANILA makes the perfect solution for those who look for a clean-lined design and comfort.

Работен офис стол DANILA

Quality down to the smallest detail

For the manufacture of ergonomic chair DANILA first-class materials have been chosen to successfully stand the test of time and keep the chair look like new even after having used it for a long time. The seat and backrest of the chair are upholstered in soft fabric, which stands out for its high level of durability. High-quality polyurethane foam is used for their filling, which has an elastic porous structure to prevent the surface from unpleasant deformations and irregularities.

Backrest height adjustment

In order to embrace your body as well as possible and ensure you have the healthiest possible posture, ergonomic chair DANILA allows for adjusting its backrest height according to your own height. For the purpose, you need to hold the backrest at the bottom with your both hands and gently push it up to the desired level. If you want to entirely adjust its height, you need to raise it to its highest level and it automatically returns to its original position.

Работен офис стол DANILA

Работен офис стол DANILA

Locking the backrest into different positions

Ergonomic chair DANILA has an asynchronous mechanism which allows you to tilt and lock its backrest at different angles in order to enjoy true comfort. For the purpose, use the designated lever located under the right side of the seat. With its help you can lock the backrest in the most comfortable position for you in no time.

3D armrests

Ergonomic chair DANILA features 3D armrests, which allows you to adjust them completely to your liking. Their height can be adjusted with the help of a button on their outer side. All you have to do is press it slightly and move the armrest up or down. Besides height, you can also change the position of the armrest by bringing it forth or back. It is quick and easy to do - just push its upper part slightly. And the adjustment options do not end here! You can also adjust the angle of the armrests, choosing in which direction to turn them - inward or outward.

Работен офис стол DANILA

Работен офис стол DANILA

Locking the seat into different positions

Thanks to the asynchronous mechanism, you can tilt and lock the seat of the DANILA at a different angle and you'll enjoy incomparable comfort during your long working days. The adjustment is carried out by means of a lever which is located on the right-hand side under the seat. You only need to apply a bit of pressure while sitting on the chair so as to tilt the seat forward or backward at a different angle. Once you find the position that is most comfortable for you, pull the lever down and the seat will remain locked in the chosen position.

Seat depth adjustment

For maximum comfort, the seat depth of the DANILA can be adjusted from 46 cm to 51 cm. For this purpose, there is a hidden lever under the front right part of the seat, which you have to pull and hold while sliding gently forward or backward so as to find the most comfortable position for you. In order to fix the chair in this position, release the lever and the seat will get locked in it.

Работен офис стол DANILA

Работен офис стол DANILA

Overall height adjustment

Thanks to the built-in gas spring in the base of the chair, you can adjust the seat height form the ground in a range of 46 to 58 cm. In this way, you can quickly set the chair up according to your own height using the lever hidden on the right-hand side under the seat.

Feel the freedom of movement

Your chair allows free 360º rotation in countless revolvings. You can change its position in any desired direction. Feel the freedom and comfort of your revolving chair!

Работен офис стол DANILA

Работен офис стол DANILA

A strong mobile base

Ergonomic chair DANILA's base, as well as its castor wheels, are made of polypropylene. These sorts of castors are especially suitable for rooms with soft flooring and enable you to move around with your chair in a swift and smooth way.

Maximum weight: up to 100 кg.

To make the most out of your chair, always choose a model according to the structure of your own body. The more your body "sinks" into the chair, the more comfortable you will feel. Remember, a chair that is too small and inappropriate for your own specifics can have a negative impact on your health. Do not make compromises!

Работен офис стол DANILA

Работен офис стол DANILA

Compact packaging and easy transportation

The product is delivered in a box, disassembled, with detailed assembly instructions. It is extremely important to keep the proper sequence order described in the instructions when assembling.

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