Electric recliner sofa 1-seater SELENA LUX - dark grey 457

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Electric recliner sofa 1-seater SELENA LUX is a luxurious piece of furniture with incomparable comfort.

484.71 EUR (VAT incl.)


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    Бърза доставка, перфектно обслужване, супер удобен фотьойл, лесен монтаж с един клик!
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    Красив и безкрайно удобен. Благодаря!
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    Excellent service and delivery time. Easy to assemble, working perfectly, My wife and I are both tall and heavy and we find the recliner sofa very comfortable.
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    Една от най-успешните ми покупки - невероятно удобен фотьойл!
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    Разкошен, удобен, функционален! Нямам думи!!!!
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Technical information

  • General
  • Type of sofa:

    1 seater

  • Material:


  • Material construction:

    Wood / Metal

  • Filling material:

    Silicone foam , Pocket springs

  • Material seria recliners:


  • Additional features
  • Number of recliner functions:

    1 pcs.

  • Electric mechanism:


  • Dimensions
  • Length:

    100 cm

  • Width:

    100 cm

  • Height:

    103 cm

  • Shipping package - SELENA LUX 1S - DARK GREY 457
  • Packages quantity:

    1 pc.

  • Package dimensions (HxWxD cm):

    100 x 76 x 85; Weight: 44 kg.;


Relax is just 1 button press away

With SELENA LUX Electric Recliner Armchair it would be enough to press 1 single button in order to switch from sitting to lying position and indulge in total relaxation and why not even take a nap or go to sleep tight.

The electric reclining mechanism of SELENA LUX is extremely easy and convenient to operate. It consists of two buttons located on the right side of the armchair. One button is used to recline the armchair, and the other – to bring it in initial position.

A great advantage of the electric reclining mechanism over the manual (mechanical) one is that it ensures the smooth movements of the armchair as from the very first launch as it would not cause any unpleasant jerking. In addition, the electric reclining mechanism allows you to regulate the angle of backrest fixation as you like it – something that you cannot do with the ordinary mechanical reclining mechanism.


Фотьойл с електрически релакс механизъм SELENA LUX

The softness of the fabric

Armchair SELENA LUX is made of high-quality fabric. The soft material is extremely durable and guarantees practicality. The fabric ensures your comfort all year long. You can easily maintain armchair SELENA LUX thanks to the many advantages of the fabric. It offers you high quality, style and comfort that will transform your everyday life.

Sink into softness, strength and durability

Its recliner electric mechanism is convenient and easy to use – the backrest will lean backward, while the adjustable footrest will elevate your feet, and you will be lying down comfortably. Its softness is another addition to its features. Besides its standard application, it can be used for a relaxing break as well.

The SELENA LUX armchair is made of high strength steel structure combined with solid wood. These materials ensure the solidity and durability of the armchair even at high tension.

Фотьойл с електрически релакс механизъм SELENA LUX

Фотьойл с електрически релакс механизъм SELENA LUX

Combine them according to your taste

The module can be used both independently or combined with other leather recliner sofas from the Carmen collection. Some of the combinations might include, for example, two armchairs and a three seater sofa; an armchair, a two seater and a three seater sofas; an armchair and a two seater sofa; an armchair and two two-seater sofas. There is a great number of different possible combinations which depend only on users’ preferences.


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