Door Loop Nippon ECK-103

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Nippon ECK-103 is a door loop, used for protection of cables that run from the case to the wing of the door.

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Technical information

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  • General
  • Functions
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  • Technical information
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  • Dimensions:

    420 x 8 mm

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    1 pc.

  • Package dimensions (HxWxD cm):

    40 x 39.9 x 55.5; Weight: 7 kg.; Qty inside: 200 pc.


Design and reliability

Nippon intercom systems follow the latest technical innovations in order to offer reliability and security for any home or office. Our R&D department follows the latest trends in the design and the technical implementations in intercom systems and access control systems so that our customers can undoubtedly receive the best solution fully tailored to their preferences and needs.

Security and functionality

Security is at the core of the idea about intercom systems; and security is exactly what Nippon greatly focuses on while developing its products. Phone calls get cut off automatically after a certain period of time to guarantee that the system will never get blocked by a user who has forgotten their intercom open. Each client has their own channel for calls so that the confidentiality of their conversation is protected, and the interference of any intruders in it - prevented.

Front door management

Another aspect of security - a prerequisite for the intercom system is the management of the front door. The system manages a fire-safe and high-security electronic lock. Who can get access to your home and when depends entirely on you! Replacing the old door locks with new high-tech locking mechanisms and using magnetic (RFID) cards and chips provide your building with very high level of security; and, at the same time, offer a several times longer period of use in comparison with the conventional ones.

Easy and safe installation

Nippon intercom systems are designed to be easy to install on any site or building. Economical and unpretentious cabling, as well as the possibility for surface and flush mounting are a base in the development of the systems.


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