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Dining chair Carmen 9962 - bright green

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  • Weight: 4.62 kg
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Dining chair Carmen 9962 offers you a stable construction, comfortable seat and backrest. It is made of PU with decorative elements.


Luxury and comfort

Dining chair 9962 is an elegant luxury representative of the Carmen dining chairs collection. Its stylish body, formed by the interflowing of its seat and backrest together, contribute for a pleasant vision and at the same time provide high level of comfort. Its high quality PU leather adds to its visual style and the decorative elements on it make its design even more attractive and interesting. It is not by chance that PU leather is one of the most-liked materials in upholstery – its qualities are similar to these of pure leather and its price much more reasonable. The chair's beechwood legs are connected together in a structure comprising metal elements which also contribute for its interesting appearance as well as its stability and resistance.

Continuous sense of softness

During prolonged sitting the sense of softness and incomparable comfort of the model is enhanced thanks to the soft seat pad made of PU leather. The chair is extremely elegant and practical. The maintenance of the PU leather is quick and easy and its high quality characteristics will be preserved for a long time. The tender PU leather adds fineness and class to the interior of the room.

Reliable support made of beech

The legs of the chair are made of beech. They have a clean-lined, exquisite and elegant design. The wooden structure creates a sense of fineness, comfort and coziness. The robust construction of the legs guarantees the stability of the whole chair and its durability.

Perfect completeness

Dining chair 9962 perfectly combines with dining table Yasmin, because of the similar desing and construction. This combination leads to harmony and style in dining room interior. If you want to achieve interesting and artistical result, you can combine different colors of chairs and tables.

Maximum weight: up to 100 кg.

Each one of the dining chairs is characterized by maximum allowable weight. To ensure optimal comfort and long life for your dining chair, respect the maximum weight limit.

Compact packaging and easy transportation

The Carmen dining chairs are delivered disassembled, in compact packagings that are easy and convenient to transport. Each chair comes with an attached list of components, as well as assembly and disassembly instructions.


Technical information

  • General
  • Type:

    Kitchen chair

  • Material:

    PU material

  • Material series:

    Leno , Top

  • Seat - material:

    PU material

  • Legs - material:


  • Dimensions
  • Width:

    44 cm

  • Depth:

    48 cm

  • Height:

    84 cm

  • Seat width:

    44 cm

  • Seat depth:

    39 cm

  • Seat height from the ground:

    44 cm

  • Back length:

    40 cm

  • Maximum weight:

    100 kg



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