Coat Hanger Carmen 138-3

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Coat Hanger Carmen 138-3 has a metal body and a massive double marble base.


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    Доволен съм от продукта закачалка с мраморна основа и стол както и от обслужването.
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    Изключително доволна съм,прекрасен продукт и коректно обслужване.Препоръчвам
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    Много съм доволна. Много красива,стабилна,удобна. Много коректно обслужване. Препоръчвам
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    Закачалката е страхотна! Красива, удобна, и с лесен монтаж. Има стабилна мраморна основа, която я прави устойчива. Доволна съм ☺
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    Много съм доволна от закачалката, надмина очакванията ми. Мраморната основа я прави много стабилна и е с красива визия.
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Technical information

  • General
  • Material:


  • Material base:


  • Height:

    176 cm

  • Диаметър основа:


  • Upper level:


  • Levels:


  • Hooks (upper level):


  • Hooks (lower level):


  • Caps:


  • Caps - material:


  • Umbrella stand:


  • Shipping package
  • Packages quantity:

    1 pc.

  • Package dimensions (HxWxD cm):

    40 x 10 x 49; Weight: 13.4 kg.;


Stylish vision, order and practicality

If you have been looking for both elegant and functional solution to hang your clothes, you have already found it – that is Carmen 138-3. The stand is metal and powder coated in a white color. It has three levels of hooks - un upper one has two rows with 5 hooks each, a middle one for bags with 4 hooks, and a lower level which is a special umbrella stand. The upper level has a swivel mechanism so you can easily find your clothes. The hooks on the middle level are slightly curved for greater convenience when hanging bags. The umbrella stand has an elegant curve that gives a finished overall look to this beautiful hallway accessory. The marble base is double in order to guarantee greater stability.

Second level of hook placement for a greater convenience

The coat stand has a second level of hook placement which is located in the middle part. The hooks on the second level are slightly curved to ensure that you will find your belongings properly hooked in their places, rather than accidentally scattered on the floor.

Beautiful umbrella stand

The coat stand has a third level of hook placement designed for umbrellas. A beautiful element with an elegant curve, the umbrella stand adds to the sophisticated look of the coat stand and provides it with even greater functionality.

Double marble base

The double marble base of the stand provides additional support so as not to overbalance under the weight of clothes and bags. You can count on the coat stand to remain stable, despite the number of guests who will hang their coats on it.

Easy assembly

It is extremely easy and quick to assemble the coat stand. The assembly instructions are easy to understand and allow you to put your new acquisition together on your own without any difficulties.

Compact packaging and easy transportation

The coat stand is delivered in a box, disassembled, with detailed assembly instructions. All elements are sorted and ready to be assembled as soon as you open the box. If necessary, you can as easily disassemble the coat stand and put it back into the box in order to transport it to its new location.


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