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You think corded phones are out-dated?!
Many people believe corded phones are out-dated. However, regardless of the presence of mobile and cordless phones in most homes and offices, there still is a large market for the corded ones. The people decide to buy a corded phone for a variety of reasons. Some buy them for their homes, some for their offices, while others collect vintage models. The corded phones have some advantages over mobile and cordless ones, such as a higher sound quality, reliability and power supply. Corded phones offer features such as caller identification, memory, speed dial buttons and built-in speaker. In any case you should consider carefully what your requirements about the phone are, depending on whether it is to be used at home or in the office.


The advantages of corded phones

Corded phones have some significant advantages over cordless and mobile phones. Many offices benefit from these advantages, and in addition, a lot of people want to have a cordless phone at home.

Saving money
Corded phones offer several ways for saving money which the cordless and mobile phones do not. They usually need an ordinary landline connection and are much cheaper than cordless or mobile phones.


Reliability /Emergency call/

Corded phones are much more reliable than cordless and mobile phones, especially when you need to make an emergency call. Their batteries do not die during a call; they do not lose network connection/service/ like the mobile phones and have no problems with the quality of the received signal.


Power supply

One of the biggest advantages of corded phones over mobile and cordless phones is their power supply. The corded phones are powered directly by the phone line, and that means no risk of running out of battery. They will work even when there is no electricity, something which is impossible for the other types of phones (you will eventually have to charge them). Moreover, the mobile phones may not work if the nearest mobile cell is incapacitated or if there is a natural disaster.


Special features in compliance with your business or home comfort

The modern corded phones have numerous qualities. Some are specifically designed to make office work easier and others to make your home more comfortable. There are also solutions which are perfect for hotels - with the touch of a button for speed dialing your guests will feel really special, ordering their room service, massage or wake-up call. Before you decide what type of phone to buy, get familiar with all the available features of the models.



Many phones feature a mini phonebook which allows you to save contacts to the phone memory. Many of the phones for home use may save 10, 12 and even 14 numbers in their memory. Those designed for use in offices, have a bigger memory and may save from 25 to 1000 numbers.

Modern corded phones
Many people are looking for a corded phone with all the new features available. The modern corded phones are usually lightweight, easy to use and beautifully designed.

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  2. BroadLink
  3. Dahua
  4. Dewalt
  5. Mitsubishi Heavy
  6. Xiaomi
  7. Yuneec
  8. AUX
  9. Fibaro
  10. Carmen
  11. Cobra
  12. Daikin
  13. General
  14. Gree
  15. Toshiba
  16. Nippon
  17. Farfisa
  18. Fujitsu
  19. Gigaset
  20. Mitsubishi Electric
  21. Panasonic
  22. Uniden
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