Ceiling Air conditioner Daikin FHA100A9 + RZASG100MY1 - 3-phase

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Ceiling Air conditioner Daikin FHA100A9 / RZASG100MY1 offers you constant air flow, high energy efficiency, extremely flexible control for optimal comfort. It's suitable for wide rooms with no false ceilings nor free floor space.


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Technical information

  • Basic
  • Cooling capacity (Min./Nom./Max):

    - / 9.5 / - kW

  • Heating capacity (Min./Nom./Max):

    - / 10.8 / - kW

  • Consumption power - cooling (Min./Nom./Max):

    - / 2.96 / - kW

  • Consumption power - heating (Min./Nom./Max):

    - / 2.99 / - kW

  • Capacity (BTU):

    34 000 BTU

  • Nominal efficiency EER cooling:


  • Seasonal efficiency SEER cooling:


  • COP:


  • SCOP:


  • Annual energy consumption (Cooling/Heating):

    593 / 2721 kWh

  • Energy label (Cooling / Heating) - Average climate:

    A+ / A

  • Operation Range (Cooling):

    -15 ~ 46 °C

  • Operation Range (Heating):

    -15 ~ 15.5 °C

  • Suitable for rooms up to:

    67 square meters

  • Warranty:

    36 months

  • Refrigerant:

    R-410A / R-32

  • Power supply (Phase/Frequency/Voltage):


  • Indoor unit
  • Dimensions:

    235 x 1590 x 690 H x W x L (mm)

  • Weight:

    38 kg

  • Sound Pressure - cooling (High/Nom./Low/Silent):

    42 / 38 / 34 / - dB

  • Sound Pressure - heating (High/Nom./Low/Silent):

    42 / 38 / 34 / - dB

  • Outdoor unit
  • Compressor type:


  • Dimensions:

    990 x 940 x 320 H x W x L (mm)

  • Weight:

    74 kg

  • Refrigerant piping - Liquid / Gas:

    9.52 / 15.9 mm (3/8" / 5/8") mm / inch

  • Sound Pressure - cooling (High/Nom./Low/Silent):

    - / 53 / - / - dB

  • Sound Pressure - heating (High/Nom./Low/Silent):

    - / 57 / - / - dB


Convenient, practical and functional

Ceiling type air conditioners Daikin are extremely rational solutions for air conditioning of small rooms where floor space is limited as well as large spacious rooms with no drop ceilings. They save important space for commercial purposes. Even mounted on a ceiling that is more than 3-meter-high, the Daikin ceiling air conditioner will cool or warm the space without energy loss. Ceiling type air conditioners Daikin of the Sky Air series can be installed in corners and narrow rooms, because they need only 3 cm space on both sides.

Comfortable airflow

Thanks to the wide angle at which air is distributed, the ceiling air conditioner Daikin is most suitable for large spaces with no drop ceiling where the floor space is limited. The angle of distribution is 100° and thanks to the "Coanda" effect each part of the room will be air conditioned perfectly. Thus, the air is distributed comfortably and evenly up and down, and the indoor temperature is maintained stable. There is also the option to automatically adjust the airflow according to the required work load.

Stylish and efficient

Ceiling type air conditioners Daikin from the Sky Air series are not only stylish, but also highly effective solutions for your home, office or commercial space. When the air conditioner is not working, the vents are completely closed and its elegant indoor unit will blend into any décor. The specially developed powerful DC motor with which each one of the ceiling type air conditioners Daikin is provided achieves extremely high energy efficiency, maximum comfort and minimum power consumption. Daikin air conditioners are designed and manufactured in accordance with the environmental protection standards and outstand for their low noise levels. This allows for their widespread use and their functional application.

Flexible control for optimal results

In addition to the infrared remote control, ceiling type air conditioners Daikin also have a wired controller, thanks to which you will have the complete freedom to control not only the temperature in the room, but also all other features. These air conditioners provide you with the opportunity to fully control the indoor atmosphere, entirely tailored to your own individual needs and requirements in order to achieve maximum comfort.

Seasonal efficiency

Seasonal efficiency shows seasonal performance of heating or cooling much more accurately and realistically, taking into account the different conditions of temperature and work load. High energy efficiency is intrinsically linked to low power consumption.

Inverter technology

Inverter technology allows air conditioners to adjust their output power for heating or cooling according to the room temperature. The set room temperature is reached quickly, and inverter air conditioners keep it constant at high levels of energy efficiency and reduced power consumption.

Leaving home mode

This mode allows you to keep the indoor temperature at a certain level when you are out of the room. Upon activation the air conditioner runs with minimal power, maintaining a certain temperature in order to provide a comfortable atmosphere when you get home.

Fan only

An air conditioner can also be used as a fan only. This function enables you to make the air in the room circulate.

Automatic switch from cooling to heating

It automatically selects cooling or heating mode in order to reach the set temperature.

Air filter

The air filter removes the specks of dust in the air, ensuring a constant flow of clean air in the room. This function is extremely important because it keeps the atmosphere in the climatized space healthy and fresh.

Air dry program

This program enables you to lower the humidity levels without changing the room temperature. You have the possibility to adjust the humidity level in the room according to your own preferences.

Auto swing louvers

This feature allows to choose louvers auto swing mode which guarantees uniform airflow distribution and optimal thermal comfort.

Fan revolution rates

This option provides you with the opportunity to adjust the airflow according to your own personal preferences. If you want to reach the desired room temperature quickly, you can set the fan to turn at a higher speed.

Weekly timer

The weekly timer allows you to set up to four working periods a day, seven days a week. Besides being convenient, the function helps to reduce running costs (weekly timer is available only on wired remote controllers).

Infrared remote controller (Optional)

Infrared remote controller with liquid crystal display facilitates the control of your air conditioner by providing you with the excellent possibility to turn the modes on, off and control them from a distance.

Wired remote controller (Optional)

The wired remote controller provides you with the opportunity to control the functions of the air conditioner from a distance. The smart interface of this controller will help you adjust your air conditioning system completely according to your requirements for thermal comfort.

Centralized control (Optional)

It allows for centralized control of several air conditioners from one central point. Thanks to this function you can turn several air conditioners on, off and control them simultaneously.

Automatic restart

The automatic restart function allows the air-conditioner to turn on with the last settings after a sudden outage and restoration of power supply.


This function allows for the system to turn off automatically in case of detecting an unusual activity or error.

Drain pump kit (Optional)

Thanks to the built-in drain pump, condensed water that accumulates during the cooling can be easily pumped out through a pipe. The built-in motors ensure quiet operation of the drain pumps and low power consumption.

Twin, triple and quad split

2, 3 or 4 indoor units can be connected to just one outdoor unit, even if they have different capacity. All indoor units work in the same mode (cooling or heating) and are controlled by the same remote control. This is applicable for single large spaces where a uniform distribution of the air and temperature is achieved.

Multi-split models application

This option enables you to connect a number of indoor units /up to 5/ to just one outdoor unit, thus creating a multi-split system. In this way, you can air condition several rooms with the help of one outdoor unit only and the installation of the indoor units can be carried out step by step. All indoor units can be controlled separately in the same operation mode.

Home use VRV

Up to 9 different indoor units can be connected to just one outdoor unit (even if they have different capacities up to class 71). All indoor units can be controlled separately, operating in the same mode.

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