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Showroom "Toshiba" - Plovdiv

As an official representative of Toshiba for Bulgaria Bittel has created a special exhibition hall in which contracting parties have the possibility to see all the models of air conditioners and air conditioning systems, which are offered on the Bulgarian market. The showroom is a luxurious, elegant and unique for Bulgaria because the company bets not only on high quality products but also on the individual style.


Showroom "Daikin" - Plovdiv

Bittel is an official representative of Daikin for Bulgaria. For this reason, in Bittel’s business facility Daikin air conditioning systems have a special place, where anyone interested can leisurely examine them. Nippon Air Conditioning Technology is exposed in the same room. The brand was created by the company and has been successfully established on the Bulgarian market thanks to its high quality and functionality.


Showroom "Telecommunications" - Plovdiv

Bittel has a special showroom for all the brands it imports and distributes on the Bulgarian and European markets. The products are arranged thematically, and each brand is stylishly displayed in a glass showcase. A special place is reserved for Panasonic, Gigaset and Alcatel telecommunication products.


Showroom "Doorphones" - Plovdiv

Nippon and ACI Farfisa intercom systems and access control systems are arranged and displayed in a separate section. Each customer has the opportunity to examine the models in detail and get competent information about them. The professional staff of the company will perform a unit testing of every product you choose.


 Showroom "Furniture" - Plovdiv

In Bittel’s business premises an exclusive showroom for home and office furniture spreads over an area of 700sq.m. The showroom is divided into different sections, and the products are stylishly displayed. Bittel’s main principles are high quality products and competent service, which is why we give our customers the opportunity to examine each product and convince themselves of the quality of the furniture.


Showroom - Sofia

A great part of the product range of the company is exposed and arranged in spacious bright rooms, which predisposes clients to make a calm, precise and optimal product choice. The interior design of the business facility in Sofia outstands for its elegance, luxury and exquisiteness, and the quality of the products has withstood the test of time.


Showroom - Varna

The showroom in Varna is bright, spacious and well arranged. Most of the products that Bittel offers are stylishly arranged there. Customers have the opportunity to experience the comfort and quality of the furniture, as well as to consult the company’s employees about the different types of appliances and equipment. Over the years Bittel has developed its own style in every aspect, which has established itself and typifies the company.


  1. Alcatel
  2. BroadLink
  3. Dahua
  4. Dewalt
  5. Mitsubishi Heavy
  6. Xiaomi
  7. Motorola
  8. Yuneec
  9. AUX
  10. Fibaro
  11. Carmen
  12. Cobra
  13. Daikin
  14. General
  15. Gree
  16. Toshiba
  17. Nippon
  18. Farfisa
  19. Fujitsu
  20. Gigaset
  21. Mitsubishi
  22. Panasonic
  23. Uniden
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