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Smooth and expeditious logistics management

Loading and unloading are maximally facilitated thanks to special automatic ramps that are suitable for different types of freight and commercial vehicles. Thus, the process of reception and delivery of goods is carried out smoothly and expeditiously. Bittel considers punctuality and accuracy in the execution of duties as essential, which is why it has taken care of the optimization of each department.


Our own transport to any corner of the country

Well organized logistics is essential to the whole process of customer service. Bittel has a significant number of its own freight and commercial vehicles, which is essential for the correct and timely order fulfilment. The company maintains business relations with trading partners across the country and thanks to the developed logistics structure it guarantees smooth and expeditious delivery to any corner of Bulgaria.


Mobile at all times

The company has also facilitated the fast transportation of Bittel sales representatives by providing a significant number of cars, intended for well-timed business meetings throughout the country.


  1. Alcatel
  2. BroadLink
  3. Dahua
  4. Dewalt
  5. Mitsubishi Heavy
  6. Xiaomi
  7. Motorola
  8. Yuneec
  9. AUX
  10. Fibaro
  11. Carmen
  12. Cobra
  13. Daikin
  14. General
  15. Gree
  16. Toshiba
  17. Nippon
  18. Farfisa
  19. Fujitsu
  20. Gigaset
  21. Mitsubishi
  22. Panasonic
  23. Uniden
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