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Bittel is a leading Bulgarian company with an established position in the field of international trade - import and export, wholesale and retail trade and on-line trading. The main product range includes: air-conditioning and solar technology, intercom equipment, telecommunications equipment, IT products, home furniture and office furniture, stationery and school supplies.


Bittel’s headquarters are located in Plovdiv on an area of 8000 square meters. They include an office building, exhibition halls/showrooms, a warehouse with a capacity of 3000 pallet spaces, a logistics centre and a large parking lot.


Contemporary architectural design

A flair for contemporary architectural design is characteristic of the overall construction of the separate departments; and the interior has been specially arranged in order to create comfort and style for the whole Bittel team. The exterior and functionality of the entire facility is a proof of the high quality and professionalism, thanks to which the company has proved itself not only in the Bulgarian, but also in the European market.

Head office

Bittel’s head office is situated in a two-storey office building with a total area of 700 square meters. Their furniture is entirely consistent with the trends of contemporary interior design and meets the highest criteria for style and comfort, because Bittel cares about its employees and contracting partners.


Impeccable expert service

The offices in the company are stylishly furnished. Correct attitude is a key factor in creating and maintaining solid long-term partnerships. Our partners feel privileged to work with us because we offer high quality products and count on correct relations.


Individual approach and attention towards every customer

The company uses an individual approach towards its contracting partners. The sales experts in Bittel are highly qualified employees who are ready to offer the most rational solution in order to satisfy the personal needs of each client to the utmost.


Comfort and harmony at the workplace

The company has made sure that a cosy and comfortable working environment has been provided for the staff, because peace and harmony in the office predispose making correct and optimal decisions. The creative atmosphere the company has established stimulates and motivates Bittel staff to develop as a strong and stable team.


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